Hot Journey x Leap of faith

your mind is everything, what you think you become

I've been meaning to write a post on my completion of 30 days hot journey & here goes. Right from the start, I was pretty determined to complete my challenge and 3 days ago, my last morning 7am class came. This journey has left a huge attachment on me and waking up on Thursday morning, I felt as though something was missing, I needed my mat! I've began to love yoga even more, the people around me, the teachers and every beads of sweat. I miss pasting color dots against my name.

Through the journey, here's what I felt taught my most:

1. Planning ahead
Scheduling yoga classes ahead of time has became part of my routine. I always plan 3-5 days in advance. If I'm expecting to be hanging out after work, I had to double up on weekends / do morning classes. Carrying yoga gears around with me to work has also began to become a norm & these will continue even for now :)

2. Waking up at 535am 
Not that I can do that daily! I never thought I can get myself out of the bed this early to get moving on the mat. After sometime, I kinda enjoy taking the train at wee hours with lesser crowd (now im hating the 8am crowd), bathing at 8am after some morning sweat out, grabbing my cup of coffee & bread for breakfast and then slowly settling down at my office hot desk to kick start my days. Most days like this, I do feel more cheerful and energized!

3. Dualities: Struggling and going beyond
It's OK to be struggling. When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it right? :) Not all days you feel good. Some days you just want to get it over and done. But someday you get all hyped up and just go beyond, beyond your body capabilities. 

4. Eating habits 
After a good yoga practice, all you want to do restore your body healthily. It's so funny how this fixes your eating habits. You find yourself craving for healthier food, not junk, not processed. Why would you want to inject fries & coke right into your body? At least not right after class! But with that say, I've also been overspending.. on food! because I've been eating out so much more. It's time to work on more home prep food!

5. The value of support
I read Tara's value of support post few days back and today, I realized the importance of it. In my 3rd practice, I was pretty tired and drained. At full locust pose, I was struggling to lift my whole body up when suddenly my dear friend beside me held my hands and we both went higher up together. When we support we are connected.

If you have the opportunity, I'd encourage you to take a 30 days class. You'll find in it so much joy and love for yoga. Join me with this now! :)


  1. hi there! great post & congrats on ur 30day journey! are u practicing at Hom now or Sadhana? Do u have recommendations for classes/instructors over at Sadhana as i just bought some classes! Thanks in advance!

    1. hello, thank you :) I'll be continuing at Hom for awhile! I still have some classes left at Sadhana though haha. I personally like Sandeep's classes esp Hot Shape, Hot Yoga.