Shape Run 2013 x Nicoll Highway

People who knew me would probably know that I used to be an advocate of running. And to be honest, I haven't been running for one of my longest time. I have pretty much stopped running ever since I got so hooked on yoga. Finally last Sunday, my first 10KM with Shape Singapore came. Was pretty reluctant to wake up so early on a weekend morning but Cheryl and I still managed to go for the run. The race was supposed to take place somewhere in July but because of the bad haze, it was postponed for 3 months.
I was pretty glad to achieve a timing of 1 hour and 3 minutes despite not training. Because we were late and almost couldn't make it through, I skipped the warm up and ended up with limping thighs for the next 2-3 days. I had extremely hard time moving around because I was aching crazily.
Before & after run!
It was still a good run afterall. This 10km would be my first and last training practice for my next upcoming Great Eastern half-marathon. I hope I would be able to make it within 2 hours 45 minutes? It sounds kinda bad timing but I supposed I can probably only do a non-stop 10km and would be stroll-jog-stroll-jog afterwhich. I would really want to have the Adidas finisher tee!

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