Brunch x Common Man Coffee Roasters

It has been a long while since the bestfriend & I cafe-hopped and spent a whole day together ever since I (we) started working. So we made last Saturday a little special by dedicating it forourselves, definitely well-spent! :)
  We decided on Common Man Coffee Roasters for brunch after seeing so many ravings online/on instagram. Just had to give it a try! 
The veggie set was a perfect combo after my morning flow class! Of cos I kapok her food since she forever cannot finish hahaha <3
Common Man Full Veggie Breakfast, $24
two free-range organic eggs, halloumi, spinach, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, lemon and chilli, with artisanal sourdough toast
Common Man Full Breakfast, $26
two free-range organic eggs, bacon, sausage,tomato salsa, chorizo hash brown, mushroom & pork canellini beans, with artisanal sourdough toast

Both were equally great on its own except the spinach was a little tad oily!

We spent the rest of whole afternoon from ion-wisma-taka-(coffee)-cine-somerset-bugis-(dinner)-suntec-rafflescity & cake time.

can't wait for the next girl-date!


Fresh lunch for work: Tuna Pumpkin Salad

After the weekend feast, I needed a refreshing salad for lunch. This consists of: romaine lettuces, a hard boiled egg, tomatoes, corn, pumpkin, tuna, tofu & blueberries. The combination is perfect, I love pumpkin. I prepared the night before and it's easy to go for work.

Off to bed, enjoy the week! xo


Favourite yoga moves to undo some work stress

Does your body feels stuck at times? No time to workout because you have too much work?

Let's face it. All of us have tons of unfinished work to do. But have you actually thought that sometimes it's not about one being unproductive or slow?  It's just in this hectic world, we're most likely to have never ending things to finish. When we happily accomplish a task, another comes rolling in. And when we barely had enough rest & fun over the weekends, weekdays are here again. Familiar endless cycle of exhaustion?

Working in a fast-paced corporate environment can be toxic in a long run if not handled properly. Being sedentary at our desk from 9-6 can makes us forget the energy of life, and more importantly, creates an impact on our overall well-being. 

Frequent stretching can actually helps to feel relaxed and revitalized. Here are some of my favourite moves to relieve stiffness and restore the body connection after a whole day of sitting down. It's nothing complicated and more than just twisting yourself into pretzels :)

Downward Dog - energizes the body, remove fatigue and calm the mind

Cobra Pose - rejuvenate the spine and especially great for our stiff back, heart opening :)

Camel Pose - helps to strengthen the front body and back muscles, remove stiffness in shoulders

Half lord of the fishes - stretches & relaxes tight shoulders & neck, relieves backache

Standing Forward fold - relieves heaviness in head & stretches hamstrings and calves

Wild Thing - gives one great vitality, energy and feeling of lightness :)

Corpse Pose - total relaxation and sleep time :)
Enjoy this multitude of healthy benefits! (:
*all photos from yogajournal


马年快乐 x 2014

It's been a long time since I posted. The lunar new year celebrations was great and I love Chinese New Year!!! I had a total of 4 steamboats in a week and a good moderation of many yummy goodies, truly a joyous occasion to feast :)

Yusheng aka Lo Hei is a cultural activity during CNY. It's a symbol of prosperity, abundance and vigor. I had a total of 3 prosperity toss this year with different groups and the below with all the fresh mixed vegetables is my favourite :)

Day 1 - As usual, we started the day with house visiting at my paternal grandparents before heading to maternal side. The ohanas dropped by in the night for some card games :)
top & clutch: Love, Bonito
skirt: MDS

Day 2 - Headed to gramp's sibling place (w so much awesome food) for lunch and then Sammi's place for dinner to catch up with the Omocha team.
Dress: Love, Bonito
Clutch: Gigi, New York
cousins are our childhood friends :)
Here's two with team Omocha at Sammi's with our self-timer at 1am hahaha.
The next two days were more visitings, BBQ and a good rest on Monday before I head back to work on Tuesday..

In a blink of an eye, we're at the 10th day of lunar new year. Another 5 more days to go.

Wishing you good health, luck, prosper and happiness in the year of horse!!! :)