Yoga x Strala Singapore

Helloooo, weekend! It's been a long while since I last posted an entry on yoga. Looking back, my blog domain name came about because of it, and next month, this blog turns 2! Ever since I completed my monthly unlimited package at Homyoga earlier last year, I've been attending lesser classes. It's definitely not because my love for yoga has died off - I still enjoy doing but the packages are pretty costly to maintain & there will be days where I felt responsible to go because I've paid for it. Anyway, I've been yoga-hopping ever since. My class packages are here and there, all around - Yoga Movement, Bikram Yoga HB, Strala SG, etc. I personally felt that this was a better choice for me since it offers more flexibility. Depending on where I'll be for the day and what kind of classes I'd like to attend, I've various options to choose from. On days where I want to attend morning class, I'll go to YM @ TP since it's near my office, and either Orchard / Strala on weekends if I'm heading town!

Somedays, or on lazy days, I'll just YouTube at home! :) Few of my favorites videos are from Tara Stiles, Yoga with Adrienne, Yoga with Candace, etc. It goes with my mood & flow but I'll definitely need more discipline for home practice! :p

Anyway, Nicole & I signed for Strala's Get Twisty workshop last Saturday! I love twisting poses partly because I'm flexible but we focus pretty much on arms during the class and I have very weak arms strength! Had fun learning about proper breathing techniques, the right way to twist and compress our body and also getting into difficult poses with ease :) Arms were aching from Grasshopper for the next 2 days!

Can't wait for the next practice but for now, SHAPE run tomorrow!! T.T Back to my first race again after 2 years, no wonder I'm feelin' excited about it.


✈ Canada x Day 9 to 11 (Eastern Canada)

Day 9 - Toronto - Kingston - Ottawa - Montreal
Day 10 - Montreal - Quebec City
Day 11 - Quebec City - 1000 Islands - Toronto
Day 9 - Wednesday 22 April 2015 
After our short road trip over the first weekend to Niagara Falls and Grove, we rested for 2 days before spending the next 3 days at Eastern Canada with a travel group. Up at 415am, we traveled along the McDonald Cartier Freeway bound to Kingston where we drove by the Sir John A. McDonald house, City Hall, and more before we arrived at Ottawa in the noon. At Ottawa, we visited the beautiful Parliament Hill, Peace Tower, Centennial Flame, Confederation Square and of course, the Royal Candian Mint. It was freezing at 1-2 degrees and as much as we were hoping to enjoy ourselves, it was too cold for us! We were brought to many landmarks and I've gained a lot more historic knowledge on Canada :) Anyway, from Ottawa, we had another few hours ride before we arrived at our hotel at Montreal. Mom & I checked into our hotel, went down for a piping hot bowl of ramen before we decided to head back to our room to crash after a long day. 

Day 10 - Thursday 23 April 2015
Day 2 was another early morning. We toured around the city of Montreal, Quebec, visited Cartier Bridge, Chinatown, Old Montreal and took the Cable Car up to the Olympic Tower Observation deck, overseeing the Olympic Stadium. Can't remember everything but we sat on another few hours before arriving at Old Quebec City. The city is really beautiful but too cold for us to roam around much. We were lucky to spend our night at the most photographic hotel in the world, aka the Chateau Frontenac Hotel. Really beautiful hotel looking alike a castle! :) We had a lovely french fine dining experience with the group before calling it a day!

Day 11 - Friday 24 April 2015
Day 3 was spent mostly on the road as we leave Quebec City back to Mississauga. We visited the majestic Thousand Islands, which my mom has been anticipating for! It was an hour scenic cruise ride with many picturesque islands, cottages, etc. Very beautiful! We dropped by the Big Apple store, grabbed some dinner & apple pastries. We arrived late at 9pm, catch up with my Aunt before we packed up again for another 5d4n America tour! 

The USA tour was one of the highlights of my trip! But, till the next post :)