Project Home

It is surreal to see our future flat from scratch, being built so high up now! The progress is quite quick and we are hoping to get our keys by mid next year :)

Anyway, the story of our home came about in late 2012 when we decided to try our luck because we have heard many stories about couples failing to get a good number on their first few tries. Since I was in my last semester of university and will be starting work within 1-2 months, we reckoned it'll be a good time to try for the failure first so that when we finally get a good bid (maybe after 2-3 failures? lol), we will be ready. But uhmm, when the bidding results got released a few weeks later, we went o.O when we saw our number.


Haha lucky or what on our first attempt. Can't remember what went through our mind that time but since the BTO project's vicinity was in our favour (in between both our parent's place), we went ahead to choose a unit 3 weeks later! Fast forward to 2.5 years, most of the 8 blocks has had their building painted, some with windows up and carpark looks ready too. Quite excited about this new chapter of our life, we've been dating for 9 years and and we are finally having a place of our own! I'll be sad to be staying away from my family but I am glad I'm only at a short distance away & I know I can be back to visit anytime.

While the works of our BTO project continues, I guess J & I will have a lot to be busy about for the next 1 year <3