Back to sentosa

Basking under the sun was one of my favourite activities to do when I was younger. These days are alot more about shunning away from the sun and slapping on sunblock.. eeeks, signs of growing old!

Anyway, J & I visited Siloso last weekend and so much has changed. The island is so much accessible and beautiful now, except that it's really crowded almost everywhere.

Even the MacDonalds changed!
Anyway, first up was breakfast for fuel at Coffee Bean! 
Ordered our usual but we had to wait 25 minutes this time! >.<

So guessed what we were up to for the day? A good walk & 1 hour of cycling along the beaches - Siloso to Palawan to Tanjong beach. Palawan has changed so much!
I got myself the Hybrid bicycle. Definitely a great invention and truly my assistant in my cycling journey hahaha 
We stopped by for a cup of Nissin chilli crab cup noodle at 7-11 before returning our bicycle. Just for fun, because that was what we used to do in our late 10s! Reminiscing those days :)
Big gulp of Iced Coke to quench the thirst. 
I'm never a fan of shoes, I hardly wear them but the bff got me into the New Balance bandwagon! Anyway I bought it because we had a 30% discount voucher :p Hopefully I put these shoes to good use!

We had a good time together & were so drained at the end of day. Can't wait for more of such activities other than usual food hunting. 

Happy rainy Tuesday, have a great week ahead. Till then! :)


Another Avocado & Egg Toast?

Oh boy, time flies. So quickly one third of August is almost over! Weekdays has been a lot about sleeping early these weeks (yes, I mean by 11) and weekends, needless to say, always gone by in a blink of an eye.

 Featuring one of my favourite breakfast - avocado egg toast, again. I need more 5-10 minutes breakfast recipe!
Not only this is quick and easy to make, it fills me up in the morning with good moderation of healthy fats, protein & carb, plus it tastes so delicious in the mouth. That's why I love it. Avocados are definitely a good substitution for butter/margarine :)
Another side of the toast that got overly charred :/ never get too engrossed taking pictures! 
One more mixed & mashed version. I hate eating yolks by itself, in between bread is good way for me to eat it up!

Have a great week ahead ;)