Another Avocado & Egg Toast?

Oh boy, time flies. So quickly one third of August is almost over! Weekdays has been a lot about sleeping early these weeks (yes, I mean by 11) and weekends, needless to say, always gone by in a blink of an eye.

 Featuring one of my favourite breakfast - avocado egg toast, again. I need more 5-10 minutes breakfast recipe!
Not only this is quick and easy to make, it fills me up in the morning with good moderation of healthy fats, protein & carb, plus it tastes so delicious in the mouth. That's why I love it. Avocados are definitely a good substitution for butter/margarine :)
Another side of the toast that got overly charred :/ never get too engrossed taking pictures! 
One more mixed & mashed version. I hate eating yolks by itself, in between bread is good way for me to eat it up!

Have a great week ahead ;)

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