✈ Taipei, Taiwan x Day 6, 7 & 8

Continuing from the previous entries..

Day 6 - Dante Coffee - SoGo Departmental Mall - Taipei Zoo - Taipei Main Station
A part of the reason for this trip was also to celebrate Jack's birthday :) After washing up, we decided to head out for breakfast/brunch. We settled on Dante Coffee just beside our hotel since there were quite a bit of varieties on their menu. I was craving for this badly!

I ordered poached eggs on toast that comes with ham & mushroom + a cuppa coffee and orange juice. Jack had Egg Benedict. Each set merely cost around $10+, pretty worth the price!
We found out that there's a Yong He Dou Jiang near our hotel and got ourselves some dan bing, also subsequently for the next 2 mornings, haha!
I found one of my favorite snack in Taipei - & that's Aunt's Stella! They sell cookies with really unique flavors, some of which I really like are Rose, Green Tea, Almond Chocolate, Assam Black Tea and Sesame. We finished within hours & had to go back and buy more to bring back to Singapore!!
Next stop was Taipei Zoo. Such a bummer because it was drizzling and the weather was really humid.
Just to see the pandas!
Didn't stay long and decided head back for more shopping :)
2nd SOGO mall!
Dinner at Sushi Express, missing this so much now!
We managed to get a cake before the day is over. The chocolate cake was really really good!! 
Happy birthday my love! <3

Day 7 - 十份 
Very quickly came Monday, the second last day of our trip. We woke up late for our breakfast buffet and so it was Starbucks before we making our way to shifen! I love the varieties of sandwiches they have, also alot cheaper as compared to Singapore :)
Ham cheese/spinach egg for me and can't remember what Jack had. Both was delicious in fact!
We took the same long journey to Ruifang and had to wait 40 minutes for our train to Pingxi, urghh. 
Roamed around and got a 超大杯 honey aloe vera drink, so so refreshing!

After a good 30-40 minutes, we finally arrived at Pingxi Station. & of course, we were there to put our lantern! :) I don't what's with the dog taking so much space on our 'health' side haha. 
The awesome guy took many nice pictures of us!
We only stayed for 45 minutes in total because we wanted to catch the next train back to Taipei, which took us another hour. It was such a painful long ride & I was so happy upon reaching Taipei City Hall for our dinner & doing our last minute shopping. My luggage almost burst!  

Day 8 - Taipei - Singapore
We woke up in the morning and grabbed a quick breakfast before getting ourselves a taxi, collecting our pastries and doing more last minute packing & squeezing before we headed to the airport for our flight at about 1230pm. Leaving Taipei was bittersweet. Sweet because I got kind of homesick and bitter because our vacation has come to an end :<
It was definitely a fun & reinvigorating trip.
Goodbye Taiwan, till I see you again! :)

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