✈ Taipei, Taiwan x Day 5

Day 5 - 淡水- Miramar Entertainment Park - 士林夜市

J & I joined our friend and his family who was in Taipei for vacation on the fifth day! Our initial itinerary was to visit Yangmingshan & Beitou before going Danshui & Fisherman's Wharf but we decided to forgo the first two places of attraction to sleep in & spend our Saturday with a big group of people :)
Morning sight of empty XMD

Lunch after breakfast was at Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice. I'm not a big fan of 滷肉飯 but this is probably one of the must-try since it's a favorite in Taiwan! Located near Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall MRT, the 9 of us took the train and walked over to the highly recommended place online. We were lucky we didn't had to wait long for our seats. 
My bowl of fatty pork belly slabs & 1 pathetic slice of cucumber over steamed white rice. The white rice was very tasty and fragrant though!
Got our daily dosage of BBT upon reaching Danshui station :)
We were also part-time babysitter for the day!
A glimpse of the well-known beautiful waterfront area. 

We spent a good 3 hours walking around the old street. It was scorching hot and we probably got 1-2 shades darker! The 3 of us were all drained playing & taking care of the toddler by mid-day. 
We headed back to Jiantan Station and took a shuttle bus to Mimarar Entertainment Park (yes aircon!!), a new age shopping and entertainment complex. We parted with the adults for 1.5 hours and the 3 of us took this best opportunity to sit down for food and cuppa coffee!
By evening, we took the shuttle bus back to Jiantan and walked over to Shilin night market. It was Saturday and very crowded! The 3 of us left the adults to meet them 2 hours later :)
Famished and all ready for dinner at the basement. 
Some of our eats - 2 XXL fried chicken, egg omelette (all starch), sausages, squids, etc. We also tried the bitter-gourd pineapple juice which was special and good!

We ended the night with another round of foot massage after a good warm bathe back in the hotel. Probably one of the best thing because we were all dead beat. 

Sunday. Can't wait to see which country will walk away as FIFA World Cup Champion tonight. 
Germany or Argentina? 
Here's to another new week x

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