15 May x I got engaged

Life's been going non-stop lately, I felt like I haven't got a moment to breath.

15 May is probably one of the most memorable night in my life. YES, I got engaged :') <3 The proposal truly came by a surprise. Jack & I are very thankful for all the blessings and also our dear friends/my colleagues who were part of this. Our hearts are filled with happiness.

I had dinner & staycation plans with my girlfriends (& J) that night. Our dinner was as usual and everything went on so smoothly I didn't notice anything weird :| Until it was time to get back to hotel, the girls have decided on no gifts exchange this year, and so they prepared a friendship video for me. I knew that it was a proposal when the first picture that popped out is Jack & myself.... (plus he couldn't made last min for my dinner because he was still with his client)!

After the video, he came out from behind the bind (with all my poly friends) and popped the question. I said Yes, of course but the surprise just didn't end here. The guys lugged a luggage out and he presented me a pair of air tickets (he even applied leave informally for me)! I went blank for the next 3-5 minutes trying to figure what was happening because I was supposed to have "training" on Monday. Anyway, I was truly touched by this sweetest gesture of love and to J, thank you for being so amazing that day I can't await for the next stage of our life together!

That night, we barely slept and woke up in wee morning to catch our flight to HK! :)


✈ Canada x Day 2

Day 2 - Brunch @ Sunset Grill & Exploring Mississauga
My heart's so fond of this beautiful place! After settling down the night before, mom & I slept for about 6 hours and we were wide awake by 6am. It was already bright, and it seems cold outside brr (which IT WAS - 1 degree). We lay around in our quilt for another hour or so before getting up for brunch. Aunt brought us to Sunset Grill which we all had Bacon or ham, or sausage & Three Eggs, served with home fries & thick toast. We didn't miss our cuppa fresh brewed coffee as well. The meal was so delicious and filling, just the kind of brunch I'd love to make at home in the future :)

After brunch was 3-4 hours of shopping at Erin Mill Town Centre. We took a New York Fries break as well. I seldom eat fries but I thought it was good, made out of fresh potatoes and very crispy! Yumz. Canada is such a lovely place with really big space and clear blue skies, driving or walking around the place makes one feels so calm and relax. 

We had Chinese for dinner at Golden Central Square before heading back to pack up for our 3 days 2 night road trip to Niagara Falls & Grove City, which was also one of the best part of our trip!

....Can't believe I'm turning 26 in an hour's time. What? How did time flies so quickly!


26th x Together in blues

Awesome weekend back in Singapore & boy, I miss summer! I don't enjoy being sticky but I guess I still prefer light clothes and some warmth on my skin :) Spent time packing up a little, catching up with J over desserts and of course, family gathering. Had my first birthday cake surprise by J's family after our dinner feast, so touched :') The hazelnut cake was so delicious, I had such a great night!



Hi guys, it's MAYYYYY!

After many long days and nights of travelling, I'm back! These 3 weeks was nothing but amazing, enriching and incredible :) Right now, I'm settling back into life and work, and ..... unpacking! In 20 days, I've visited 2 countries and so many cities. Everywhere was picturesque! Living in Singapore is a privilege but you see what a tiny space it occupies in the world. I have gained a broader worldview, and happy to have met many new people. More importantly, experiencing a home life in Canada, which was awesome. Traveling - it leaves you speechless :)

I'm feeling refreshed and grateful now. Grateful for this wonderful memories and seeing the real deal :)

I have taken tons of pictures, will sort them out and post it up. Till then, enjoy your Saturday! 

~out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope