Hi guys, it's MAYYYYY!

After many long days and nights of travelling, I'm back! These 3 weeks was nothing but amazing, enriching and incredible :) Right now, I'm settling back into life and work, and ..... unpacking! In 20 days, I've visited 2 countries and so many cities. Everywhere was picturesque! Living in Singapore is a privilege but you see what a tiny space it occupies in the world. I have gained a broader worldview, and happy to have met many new people. More importantly, experiencing a home life in Canada, which was awesome. Traveling - it leaves you speechless :)

I'm feeling refreshed and grateful now. Grateful for this wonderful memories and seeing the real deal :)

I have taken tons of pictures, will sort them out and post it up. Till then, enjoy your Saturday! 

~out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope 

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