Got to say I love waking up to dark cloudy skies. I am on leave today, and it feels good to sleep in late on a Friday morning! :)

As I'm browsing and sorting through these pictures, I realised it's been more 2 weeks since my 25th birthday.
Together with Jack and some our poly friends, we headed to Irodori Japanese Restaurant at Riverview Hotel  for dinner on Monday after work since the next day was a public holiday.

I love Japanese cuisine and TY made the best choice in choosing the venue. Reservation is highly recommended due to the restaurant's popularity, it was already fully packed when we were there! We settled by 730pm & started ordering. If there's one thing the restaurant can improvised on, it'd definitely be their ordering system. Ordering is very manual & not impeccable in my opinion. But anyway, there were no compromise on the quality of our food, so no complains :)
We had quite a spread - from temaki  to yaki mono, tempura and finger press. The guys went crazy with the temaki and fried rice!! We were given complimentary Ebi Mentai & steamed salmon which was really delectable, in fact everything, except the tea soup! 
with my beloved friends :)
We were the last to leave the restaurant & I had my cake cutting. J bought a cake from Angie the Choice and made a very wrong selection of Mint cake :p The taste wasn't very pleasant and it was apparent I don't really take mint cake...!?! haha but anyway, we wiped clean half the cake and I brought the other half back for the family. 
thank you guys! :')

Met the girls on my birthday weekend for dinner! Rach found a new Korean cuisine restaurant and it was Yoogane! There were no tinge of familiarity to the restaurant name but the moment I saw the picture, I recalled the Galbi I had three years ago in Korea during my exchange.
oh yes!

Anyway, we heard about the long wait and decided to meet early for dinner at 530. I got there by 540 and the queue has already started. 
We ordered three portion of Chicken Galbi (one with spring onion), two portion of separate fried rice, one tamogo and a seafood pancake. It was quite a lot for 5 girls but we managed to finish it. The meat was really tender and well-marinated even though it was really spicy (for me). Thankful for the free-flow capsicum sides to relieve my burning mouth!
With my favorite bunch of girls, the constant in my life. 12 years and counting <3
We headed to Lady-M for desserts :) There weren't much choices available so we had red velvet, flourless chocolate & green tea crepe cake. We had a great time catching up and shortly came 9. All of us had work the next day so we had to go. I can't wait for the next meet up with them again in June!

Now, have a good weekend! :)


✈ Absolute Yoga // Bangkok, Thailand

Day 5 - It was our last day in Bangkok and we were SG-bound at about 8PM.
The girls has decided on 2nd round at Chatukchak in the morning but I wanted to go for a Yoga class. I've enjoyed my first overseas yoga experience in Vietnam & wanted to add more to my list! I did a quick research few days before we flew and found Absolute Yoga Bangkok. AY is one of Thailand's largest yoga centre and they have quite a few studios around Bangkok. 

Anyway, I slept in a little later that morning & went for some light breakfast alone :) Had two rounds and ended tad too full before class! >.<
Starbucks outside our hotel.
 The nearest studio I could locate within walking distance from our hotel was Amarin Plaza, which took about 12-15 minutes.
Arrived 25 minutes before class for registration. Thankfully I did my research and downloaded the first trial coupon and paid only 350 baht (SGD13~)!
The studio wasn't shabby at all. It was clean, huge and all facilities/amenities were provided - Mat, shower, lockers & towels!
Attended the signature Hot A series that expands from the original Hot Bikram Yoga. There were about 50 yoga poses in total & definitely interesting. The class was also conducted in English (many asked!) and easy to follow. Felt extremely great after all the stretching :)
After a quick wash up, I made my way back to meet the girls. We checked out at 1PM & headed for an hour of Thai Massage. If there's one thing I miss about Bangkok, it got to be massage, therapeutic!

Had our first street food (chicken noodle) for lunch & it was surprisingly tasty! We headed to the airport early for check-in and dinner. The lovely girls surprised me with a birthday cake before boarding too!
 Thank-you so much for all the fun times!

It's Friday, and long weekend for me. May's a good month :)


✈ Bangkok through I x Day 4

Day 4 - Mandatory visit to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market on Saturday morning after our breakfast!
We finally had a decent group photo taken by Martin whilst we were clean & fresh!
I guess this market needs no introductory. No doubt one of the largest market selling all type of things - from clothes, to handicraft, plants, ceramic ware, food and even pets!!!
Our morning started out with a grey-ish cooling weather, followed by a little drizzling before it gets really warm again. 
Found the legendary coconut ice cream, which we ate under the rain!!! haha. Corn & barley toppings for me :) 
With Vi's thai friend, Muay! :)

We gave up shopping at about 3ish and headed back to the hotel for a shiok bathe and rest before we headed out for dinner!
Selfie at Central World!
Dinner was at MK Restaurant! Haven't got a chance to try this at 313 but I thought the green noodle wanton mee & roast duck was great, or maybe I just miss Chinese food hehe. After dinner was grocery shopping at Big C before we headed for dessert at 10pm!
Made it just in time to After You in Siam Paragon before they closes the queue at 10PM. 
We ordered 1 large Shibuya Honey toast & 1 large Cheddar cheese toast for share! It's basically buttery toast, topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and some honey. 

Anyway, I thought the toast tasted rather average & the roadside banana chocolate crepe beats this hands down. I prefer the Cheese to Original flavor, maybe because I'm not a fan of butter, vanilla or whipped cream and cheese gives the not so gelat feel :/ Would definitely order the Ferraro, Nutella or Matcha the next time I'm there! :)

*hope you drool to sleep tonight!

& well, that marks the last night of our trip :(


✈ Bangkok through I x Day 3

Day 3 - was an early morning for us. We woke early before 7AM, had breakfast and headed out for the Pratunam morning market before they closes about 9.  

I haven't been to the area for years & realize it was the market below Baiyoke Boutique where I first stayed and traveled with the poly pals, truly miss those days! We shopped around before we headed for 2nd round at Platinum mall. 
Banana Chocolate Crepe otw to Platinum Fashion Mall. It was so so so good, and in my opinion, beats After You toast. Ok, it's a bias opinion because I love chocolate haha
In Jacie Cropped Top from Love, Bonito! The perfect outfit under such scorching weather hehe
Lunch was at Som Tam Nua, located at Siam Square. We had the recommended Fried Chicken, Papaya Salad, Phad Thai and Tomyum soup! 
Evening came and after a long jam from hotel to Chinatown (30-40 minutes), we finally settled at T&K Seafood for dinner. Was so famished by then!! Ordered 6 dishes and my favorite is definitely the lemon grass steamed fish, it was superb!!! 
I know, eat again. 
Day 4 & 5 in another entry!

Thankful for a public holiday in the midst of the week :)
I hope you had a great Vesak Day!


✈ Bangkok through I x Day 1 & 2

Finally +66 bound with the uni girls last Wednesday evening after a good 4 months wait! 
with my travel mates at the departure hall before boarding

We flew with Scoot at an extremely great deal of SGD150 for round trip! Departed Singapore at about 1735 and arrived at Bangkok 2005 (TH time). It was my first time taking Scoot & I thought the plane was rather huge. Anyway, we got stuck at the immigration hall for about 50 minutes and were so famished by the time we checked in!!

We stayed in Urbana Langsuan for this trip. We booked the 2 bedroom executive, basically a service apartment which features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (yay to no toilet fights), living room, kitchen and a mini balcony! It was really spacious and cheap for the price we paid for - SGD150/pax for 4 nights, with daily breakfast buffet  :p Definitely a happy promo!

After checking in & a quick settle down, we cabbed to our first dinner venue, or rather supper since it was already 11PM! Pla Tong Mookata is a pretty famous eat all you can meat buffet. I've heard about Mookata alot of times in SG but haven't got any chance to try it. It's an interesting Thai BBQ concept, where we can BBQ and boil some veggies with the water & oil leaking down from the meat. haha! Each of us paid about 139 Baht (~SGD5.60).  

Ate to our heart's content before we roamed around the area and headed back to our hotel. 

Pla Tong Mookata
Located near Victory Monument BTS

Day 2 - Rise & Shine!
 Morning sights of beautiful tall buildings opposite our balcony
Breakfast buffet :) My favourite's definitely the eggs and bread station!
one shot with Vivian :)
We went Watergate Collection before heading to Central World to shop & then Kyoto Milk Tea for some water break. The matcha milk tea is superb!! 
Lunch was at Platinum Mall Food Court :) I think this needs no introductory. We got some must-order dishes for share - Phad Thai, Oyster  Omelette, Tomyum, Beef noodle, Papaya salad and of course Mango sticky rice! So so satisfying afterwhich!
We were so so tired after few hours of shopping and stopped by MacD. We went for Thai massage along the area for 200 baht and the masseur nearly tore me apart! Ouch!
Dinner was at Fuji Japanese Restaurant back at Central World. We wanted something light for dinner since we've been eating and snacking quite abit throughout the day! Jap food ftw :)
Sushi Bento Set, Salmon Steak and Ramen set all for $50+? (not that light afterall haha) Plus the food was really not bad!

All zonked out on bed after the long day!