Got to say I love waking up to dark cloudy skies. I am on leave today, and it feels good to sleep in late on a Friday morning! :)

As I'm browsing and sorting through these pictures, I realised it's been more 2 weeks since my 25th birthday.
Together with Jack and some our poly friends, we headed to Irodori Japanese Restaurant at Riverview Hotel  for dinner on Monday after work since the next day was a public holiday.

I love Japanese cuisine and TY made the best choice in choosing the venue. Reservation is highly recommended due to the restaurant's popularity, it was already fully packed when we were there! We settled by 730pm & started ordering. If there's one thing the restaurant can improvised on, it'd definitely be their ordering system. Ordering is very manual & not impeccable in my opinion. But anyway, there were no compromise on the quality of our food, so no complains :)
We had quite a spread - from temaki  to yaki mono, tempura and finger press. The guys went crazy with the temaki and fried rice!! We were given complimentary Ebi Mentai & steamed salmon which was really delectable, in fact everything, except the tea soup! 
with my beloved friends :)
We were the last to leave the restaurant & I had my cake cutting. J bought a cake from Angie the Choice and made a very wrong selection of Mint cake :p The taste wasn't very pleasant and it was apparent I don't really take mint cake...!?! haha but anyway, we wiped clean half the cake and I brought the other half back for the family. 
thank you guys! :')

Met the girls on my birthday weekend for dinner! Rach found a new Korean cuisine restaurant and it was Yoogane! There were no tinge of familiarity to the restaurant name but the moment I saw the picture, I recalled the Galbi I had three years ago in Korea during my exchange.
oh yes!

Anyway, we heard about the long wait and decided to meet early for dinner at 530. I got there by 540 and the queue has already started. 
We ordered three portion of Chicken Galbi (one with spring onion), two portion of separate fried rice, one tamogo and a seafood pancake. It was quite a lot for 5 girls but we managed to finish it. The meat was really tender and well-marinated even though it was really spicy (for me). Thankful for the free-flow capsicum sides to relieve my burning mouth!
With my favorite bunch of girls, the constant in my life. 12 years and counting <3
We headed to Lady-M for desserts :) There weren't much choices available so we had red velvet, flourless chocolate & green tea crepe cake. We had a great time catching up and shortly came 9. All of us had work the next day so we had to go. I can't wait for the next meet up with them again in June!

Now, have a good weekend! :)

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