✈ Canada x Day 17 to 20

Day 17 - 20 Toronto, Canada

Day 18 - CN tower

Day 19 - St Jacobs Farmers' Market
It's less than 4 weeks to Christmas and 5 to a brand new year, where exactly did time go to?! I spent the earlier half of this month in Taipei for work, and it'll be December in 2 days. Thinking about all the kind of food I had, it's about time I shed those KGs especially after over the festive season. But still, I love Christmas and can't wait for all the gathering to come!! That aside, I'm finally putting together pictures of the last few days in Canada before the year ends.

Day 17 - Thursday 30 April 2015
After spending 8 consecutive days out on tours, there's no other place better than back at Aunt's place <3. We slept in to our heart's content and headed to Tutti Frutti for brunch. TF serves wonderful brunch I must say, their menu had so much varieties, the food came in generous portion, and not only was everything delicious, it was also cheap. There were also free flow coffee! I could simply sit there with papers or books the whole morning~ Anyway, we had a chill day, did some shopping at Toronto's premier outlet store before heading home for dinner. I took the opportunity to run on my aunt's threadmill before dinner and boy I barely sweat after a 20 minutes workout because it was too cold!!! TOO.TOUGH.TO.BREATHE.

Day 18- Friday 01 May 2015
We drove to Chinatown on Friday for some piping hot beef noodle, it was so yummy! After lunch, mom and I went up Toronto's tallest and most defining landmark, the CN tower. It was indeed a bird's eye view of the entire city, amazing amazing view! I must have taken one thousand and one pictures but you have got to be there to witness that beauty, but of course Niagara Falls beats that. The rest of day was spent at Whole Foods Market and more shopping at random malls. Was so sad because it was our last night there already. 

Day 17 - Saturday 02 May 2015
We woke up early the last morning and drove to St Jacobs Farmers' Market. My dream to visit one because we don't have such here! I loveeeeeeeee everything there. We bought so much berries.. strawberries, blueberries and ate on the go. It's my favourite fruits!! They also sold all kinds of antiques, and things like honey, maple syrup, chocolates, etc. We spent the rest of evening doing final pack up of our seriously heavy luggages before heading out for dinner at the best Chinese restaurant for the best fried egg rice and beef slices. Our flight was at 1am and we left for airport at 10pm, still remembered vividly our flight got delayed all the way till 4+, 5. It was truly a long journey back home to reality.


Finding fitness x MacRitchie Treetop walk

Hello October! It's been such a hazy month and the skies has been really foggy the last 2 weeks. Not sure even if it's legit to breathe.... But anyway, I'm so glad the haze has begun to clear because it means I can get in a hike with my friends again and take in some fresh air!!! Cheryl joined Rach & I to MacRitchie early last month for some outdoor walk. The trail was relatively easy (now that it's my 3rd time!) and the whole walk only took about 2.5 hours, where we exited at Bukit Timah. My aunt in Canada has been exploring various trails and I'm so envious of the gorgeous views she gets :( I'd definitely love to hop on any opportunities to go on a road trip or hike on weekends morning.

Any other trails to recommend in Singapore? 


✈ U.S.A x Day 12 to 16

Day 12 - Toronto - Boston
Day 13 - Boston to New York City
Day 14 - New York City
Day 15 - New York City to Philadelphia/ Washington D.C
Hello September! Started the new month with a trip to HK with my best friend :) We had so much fun together and I'm thankful for the short getaway. I've so much to blog about but I still have backlogs from my trips earlier this year, which I hope to finish soon. Photos bring back so much memories!

Day 12 - Saturday 25 April 2015
One of the highlights of our Canada trip was crossing the borders to United States. Visiting the states has always been a lifelong dream and albeit being only there for 5 days, I'm in love with the city and can't wait to be back again someday! Shortly after we unpack and pack on late Friday night, we dragged ourselves up to catch the coach headed for Boston in wee hours at 4am. Barely well-rested and tired, mom and I grabbed coffee from Starbucks before our hours of ride commence. Boy, I miss coffee there. America is about 6-7 hours away, we stopped mid-way for lunch before arriving at Massachusetts, Capital of Boston in the late afternoon, where we visited Harvard and MIT university,  Our night ended with a free and easy 2 hours at Quincy Market. It was so cold we both shared a bowl of warm udon, salmon teriyaki rice and hot chocolate, so so good!

Day 13 - Sunday 26 April 2015
We had our first experience on Boston cruise ride overseeing many amazing city views followed by a very delicious and juicy lobster Chinese spread lunch on Sunday! We took another few hours of bus ride, dropped by Yale University before arriving Times Square @ New York City. For few minutes, we stood in the middle, wondering where to head to. It feels so magical to be in the heart of the city that never sleeps, experiencing something genuinely American :)

Day 14 - Monday 27 April 2015
Day 3 was all about NYC. We visited Wall Street, went up to Top of the Rock, experienced an unforgettable stunning paranomas of the city's beauty,  had 4 hours of free & easy time along fifth avenue, Madison Avenue and of course, coffee. We spent the later noon at Intrepid museum, which was pretty boring, another NY cruise with perfecto view of statue of liberty and a dinner buffet! I didn't had much chance to miss chinese food because I ate chinese mostly in states. Haha!

Day 15, 16 - Tues/Wed 28/29 April 2015
We left NYC early morning and traveled towards Philadelphia and then Washington D.C. There were so many places we visited and some highlights were Madame Tussaud, space and air museum where we had our last MacD, white house, parliament house, Lincoln memorial, Washington monument. In a trip, I've learnt so much more about the history and landmarks of America. By end of the fourth day, I was tired of tours and can't wait to head back to Toronto. More than half of day 5 was spent sitting on bus and making our way back. 

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. So True.