Brunch x The Lokal

Brunch on mid-week is a luxury. Jack & I visited The Lokal with the Pangs on Diwali Wednesday for a lazy double date. We were lucky to get cosy sofa seats. The no crowd & rainy weather was a plus point as well. Both TY and I had Pimp my breakfast - I had my choice of poached eggs, sourdough, smoked salmon and mushrooms - while the guys ordered off menu. We had our caffeine fix of course, and the cup of black in my opinion was good. Definitely some quality time spent catching up with this pair of lovely friends at one of the best cafe serving great Australian fare :) 

 Sad to bid goodbye to the weekends and the last week of October. How time flies! x


Weekends x Toby's Estate

Weekends... are love! It's been a long while since J & I cafe-hopped. We took full advantage of the long weekend and spent the whole quiet Sunday together :) Since we were near Rodyk Street, we decided to have coffee and cake at Toby's Estate. I've been wanting to visit the cafe long time back but it was so out of way.

Both of us love fresh coffee and we enjoyed our cup of black thoroughly. It was good, and fragrant. Coffee is always a good idea. We also ordered a slice of Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake (sinful yeahhhh) since it was their specialty. The cake, at first bite was okay only... but gets more delightful after each mouth. I love the ambiance at Toby's. Big space, high ceilings and overlooks the Singapore River. We spent some time relaxing there before heading for our popcorn & chips Dracula movie date! Our night ended with Sushis, foot massage & a staycay, such is life :)

On a side note, I'm hooked on The Big Bang Theory! Started yesterday and more than halfway through Season 1. Feels like a good replacement for the end of himym for me. haha.

Good bye weekends, till the next!


October & Berries French Toast

It's Fridayyyy, I'm all ready for the long weekend!!
Anyway, I've been wanting to post the above French Toast I made sometime back. I love mornings and busy or late doesn't get in the way of my hungry tummy. I can't leave house with an empty stomach! This is definitely one of my favorite breako. The ones we usually order outside are often drenched with oil, or either that it's filled with too much of sugar syrup. Noo..not my kind of delicious.

This is yet another try-out which I thought was an improvement from the one I made previously. The amount of heat & oil used was just nice and the toast turned out crisp. *slurps. I topped with some berries, a spoonful of PB and maple syrup. I'm not a great cook but this was good. I bet it would be amazing if there were bananas!

Also featuring a few of my daily to-go breakfast before work. It's berries season which explains the many variations. I love PB with either blueberries or bananas, which is high in potassium and pack an energy punch. Egg & cheese is also another one of my favorite combination, the laughing cow cheese was a good buy. All with wholemeal bread because I.... simply love it :)

Can't believe it's October and here we are into the last quarter of the year. Also trying to contain my excitement because mom & I made some real impromptu decision few nights ago and I can't wait for our adventures in half a year to come. I promise to post more.

Till then, xo.


Sunday x Finding Fitness

It's been almost a month since I last posted. Life's been.. busy! So much of running about, catching up with rest, attending weddings, etc.

Throwback to 2-3 Sundays ago .... We have a beautiful park connector behind our place, it's such a pity we don't visit often! Mornings are best part of the day and we usually sleep in on weekends before heading for breakfast. So that fine Sunday morning when the folks & I happened to be up early, we decided to walk out for breakfast!
beautiful plantations by the neighborhood, real lettuces!
Got a lil' sunny halfway through the walk, but it's ok. It was a beautiful day and we were up for Vit D!
After a good 30-35 minutes, we sat down for some dim sum/traditional breakfast & talks before 2nd round of sleep.

Love such mornings! <3
Thinking to go back for yoga, any idea which studio I should head for? :)


Back to sentosa

Basking under the sun was one of my favourite activities to do when I was younger. These days are alot more about shunning away from the sun and slapping on sunblock.. eeeks, signs of growing old!

Anyway, J & I visited Siloso last weekend and so much has changed. The island is so much accessible and beautiful now, except that it's really crowded almost everywhere.

Even the MacDonalds changed!
Anyway, first up was breakfast for fuel at Coffee Bean! 
Ordered our usual but we had to wait 25 minutes this time! >.<

So guessed what we were up to for the day? A good walk & 1 hour of cycling along the beaches - Siloso to Palawan to Tanjong beach. Palawan has changed so much!
I got myself the Hybrid bicycle. Definitely a great invention and truly my assistant in my cycling journey hahaha 
We stopped by for a cup of Nissin chilli crab cup noodle at 7-11 before returning our bicycle. Just for fun, because that was what we used to do in our late 10s! Reminiscing those days :)
Big gulp of Iced Coke to quench the thirst. 
I'm never a fan of shoes, I hardly wear them but the bff got me into the New Balance bandwagon! Anyway I bought it because we had a 30% discount voucher :p Hopefully I put these shoes to good use!

We had a good time together & were so drained at the end of day. Can't wait for more of such activities other than usual food hunting. 

Happy rainy Tuesday, have a great week ahead. Till then! :)


Another Avocado & Egg Toast?

Oh boy, time flies. So quickly one third of August is almost over! Weekdays has been a lot about sleeping early these weeks (yes, I mean by 11) and weekends, needless to say, always gone by in a blink of an eye.

 Featuring one of my favourite breakfast - avocado egg toast, again. I need more 5-10 minutes breakfast recipe!
Not only this is quick and easy to make, it fills me up in the morning with good moderation of healthy fats, protein & carb, plus it tastes so delicious in the mouth. That's why I love it. Avocados are definitely a good substitution for butter/margarine :)
Another side of the toast that got overly charred :/ never get too engrossed taking pictures! 
One more mixed & mashed version. I hate eating yolks by itself, in between bread is good way for me to eat it up!

Have a great week ahead ;)


✈ Taipei, Taiwan x Day 6, 7 & 8

Continuing from the previous entries..

Day 6 - Dante Coffee - SoGo Departmental Mall - Taipei Zoo - Taipei Main Station
A part of the reason for this trip was also to celebrate Jack's birthday :) After washing up, we decided to head out for breakfast/brunch. We settled on Dante Coffee just beside our hotel since there were quite a bit of varieties on their menu. I was craving for this badly!

I ordered poached eggs on toast that comes with ham & mushroom + a cuppa coffee and orange juice. Jack had Egg Benedict. Each set merely cost around $10+, pretty worth the price!
We found out that there's a Yong He Dou Jiang near our hotel and got ourselves some dan bing, also subsequently for the next 2 mornings, haha!
I found one of my favorite snack in Taipei - & that's Aunt's Stella! They sell cookies with really unique flavors, some of which I really like are Rose, Green Tea, Almond Chocolate, Assam Black Tea and Sesame. We finished within hours & had to go back and buy more to bring back to Singapore!!
Next stop was Taipei Zoo. Such a bummer because it was drizzling and the weather was really humid.
Just to see the pandas!
Didn't stay long and decided head back for more shopping :)
2nd SOGO mall!
Dinner at Sushi Express, missing this so much now!
We managed to get a cake before the day is over. The chocolate cake was really really good!! 
Happy birthday my love! <3

Day 7 - 十份 
Very quickly came Monday, the second last day of our trip. We woke up late for our breakfast buffet and so it was Starbucks before we making our way to shifen! I love the varieties of sandwiches they have, also alot cheaper as compared to Singapore :)
Ham cheese/spinach egg for me and can't remember what Jack had. Both was delicious in fact!
We took the same long journey to Ruifang and had to wait 40 minutes for our train to Pingxi, urghh. 
Roamed around and got a 超大杯 honey aloe vera drink, so so refreshing!

After a good 30-40 minutes, we finally arrived at Pingxi Station. & of course, we were there to put our lantern! :) I don't what's with the dog taking so much space on our 'health' side haha. 
The awesome guy took many nice pictures of us!
We only stayed for 45 minutes in total because we wanted to catch the next train back to Taipei, which took us another hour. It was such a painful long ride & I was so happy upon reaching Taipei City Hall for our dinner & doing our last minute shopping. My luggage almost burst!  

Day 8 - Taipei - Singapore
We woke up in the morning and grabbed a quick breakfast before getting ourselves a taxi, collecting our pastries and doing more last minute packing & squeezing before we headed to the airport for our flight at about 1230pm. Leaving Taipei was bittersweet. Sweet because I got kind of homesick and bitter because our vacation has come to an end :<
It was definitely a fun & reinvigorating trip.
Goodbye Taiwan, till I see you again! :)