October & Berries French Toast

It's Fridayyyy, I'm all ready for the long weekend!!
Anyway, I've been wanting to post the above French Toast I made sometime back. I love mornings and busy or late doesn't get in the way of my hungry tummy. I can't leave house with an empty stomach! This is definitely one of my favorite breako. The ones we usually order outside are often drenched with oil, or either that it's filled with too much of sugar syrup. Noo..not my kind of delicious.

This is yet another try-out which I thought was an improvement from the one I made previously. The amount of heat & oil used was just nice and the toast turned out crisp. *slurps. I topped with some berries, a spoonful of PB and maple syrup. I'm not a great cook but this was good. I bet it would be amazing if there were bananas!

Also featuring a few of my daily to-go breakfast before work. It's berries season which explains the many variations. I love PB with either blueberries or bananas, which is high in potassium and pack an energy punch. Egg & cheese is also another one of my favorite combination, the laughing cow cheese was a good buy. All with wholemeal bread because I.... simply love it :)

Can't believe it's October and here we are into the last quarter of the year. Also trying to contain my excitement because mom & I made some real impromptu decision few nights ago and I can't wait for our adventures in half a year to come. I promise to post more.

Till then, xo.

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