Our own big breakfast

As I'm typing this, I'm sipping on a cuppa brown rice tea after my takeaway dinner and waiting for the folks to be back. Today is the start of the 6th month of 2014, time truly flies over us.
 Hello June!

Anyway, backtrack to last weekend, Jack & I had a breakfast cookout on Friday if you've seen on my instagram :) Truly enjoyed the precious morning because we seldom have such luxury!

We decided on our simple menu the day before. My task was simple - to slice the tomatoes & toast the bread while Jack took charge of the eggs.
Eggs in a coincident smiley face :) we ended up cooking SIXXXX
I was skeptical about handling the most important part of my meal to him but boy, he proved me wrong. I think his research via YouTube's tutorial (i.e. Gordon Ramsey) helps! Jack whipped up very yummy & runny eggs albeit a little salty at the end of day. hehe
 Our delectable breakfast which left both of us happy all day long! Love meals like this because they are quick & easy to make, cheap and fulfil our tummies :)
Happy 94th <3

It's going to be a busy month with upcoming residential, cisa, birthday and tpe.
Here's to a long long week till Saturday!