Sunday x Finding Fitness

It's been almost a month since I last posted. Life's been.. busy! So much of running about, catching up with rest, attending weddings, etc.

Throwback to 2-3 Sundays ago .... We have a beautiful park connector behind our place, it's such a pity we don't visit often! Mornings are best part of the day and we usually sleep in on weekends before heading for breakfast. So that fine Sunday morning when the folks & I happened to be up early, we decided to walk out for breakfast!
beautiful plantations by the neighborhood, real lettuces!
Got a lil' sunny halfway through the walk, but it's ok. It was a beautiful day and we were up for Vit D!
After a good 30-35 minutes, we sat down for some dim sum/traditional breakfast & talks before 2nd round of sleep.

Love such mornings! <3
Thinking to go back for yoga, any idea which studio I should head for? :)