Weekends x Toby's Estate

Weekends... are love! It's been a long while since J & I cafe-hopped. We took full advantage of the long weekend and spent the whole quiet Sunday together :) Since we were near Rodyk Street, we decided to have coffee and cake at Toby's Estate. I've been wanting to visit the cafe long time back but it was so out of way.

Both of us love fresh coffee and we enjoyed our cup of black thoroughly. It was good, and fragrant. Coffee is always a good idea. We also ordered a slice of Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake (sinful yeahhhh) since it was their specialty. The cake, at first bite was okay only... but gets more delightful after each mouth. I love the ambiance at Toby's. Big space, high ceilings and overlooks the Singapore River. We spent some time relaxing there before heading for our popcorn & chips Dracula movie date! Our night ended with Sushis, foot massage & a staycay, such is life :)

On a side note, I'm hooked on The Big Bang Theory! Started yesterday and more than halfway through Season 1. Feels like a good replacement for the end of himym for me. haha.

Good bye weekends, till the next!

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