✈ Bangkok through I x Day 1 & 2

Finally +66 bound with the uni girls last Wednesday evening after a good 4 months wait! 
with my travel mates at the departure hall before boarding

We flew with Scoot at an extremely great deal of SGD150 for round trip! Departed Singapore at about 1735 and arrived at Bangkok 2005 (TH time). It was my first time taking Scoot & I thought the plane was rather huge. Anyway, we got stuck at the immigration hall for about 50 minutes and were so famished by the time we checked in!!

We stayed in Urbana Langsuan for this trip. We booked the 2 bedroom executive, basically a service apartment which features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (yay to no toilet fights), living room, kitchen and a mini balcony! It was really spacious and cheap for the price we paid for - SGD150/pax for 4 nights, with daily breakfast buffet  :p Definitely a happy promo!

After checking in & a quick settle down, we cabbed to our first dinner venue, or rather supper since it was already 11PM! Pla Tong Mookata is a pretty famous eat all you can meat buffet. I've heard about Mookata alot of times in SG but haven't got any chance to try it. It's an interesting Thai BBQ concept, where we can BBQ and boil some veggies with the water & oil leaking down from the meat. haha! Each of us paid about 139 Baht (~SGD5.60).  

Ate to our heart's content before we roamed around the area and headed back to our hotel. 

Pla Tong Mookata
Located near Victory Monument BTS

Day 2 - Rise & Shine!
 Morning sights of beautiful tall buildings opposite our balcony
Breakfast buffet :) My favourite's definitely the eggs and bread station!
one shot with Vivian :)
We went Watergate Collection before heading to Central World to shop & then Kyoto Milk Tea for some water break. The matcha milk tea is superb!! 
Lunch was at Platinum Mall Food Court :) I think this needs no introductory. We got some must-order dishes for share - Phad Thai, Oyster  Omelette, Tomyum, Beef noodle, Papaya salad and of course Mango sticky rice! So so satisfying afterwhich!
We were so so tired after few hours of shopping and stopped by MacD. We went for Thai massage along the area for 200 baht and the masseur nearly tore me apart! Ouch!
Dinner was at Fuji Japanese Restaurant back at Central World. We wanted something light for dinner since we've been eating and snacking quite abit throughout the day! Jap food ftw :)
Sushi Bento Set, Salmon Steak and Ramen set all for $50+? (not that light afterall haha) Plus the food was really not bad!

All zonked out on bed after the long day!

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