✈ Canada x Day 2

Day 2 - Brunch @ Sunset Grill & Exploring Mississauga
My heart's so fond of this beautiful place! After settling down the night before, mom & I slept for about 6 hours and we were wide awake by 6am. It was already bright, and it seems cold outside brr (which IT WAS - 1 degree). We lay around in our quilt for another hour or so before getting up for brunch. Aunt brought us to Sunset Grill which we all had Bacon or ham, or sausage & Three Eggs, served with home fries & thick toast. We didn't miss our cuppa fresh brewed coffee as well. The meal was so delicious and filling, just the kind of brunch I'd love to make at home in the future :)

After brunch was 3-4 hours of shopping at Erin Mill Town Centre. We took a New York Fries break as well. I seldom eat fries but I thought it was good, made out of fresh potatoes and very crispy! Yumz. Canada is such a lovely place with really big space and clear blue skies, driving or walking around the place makes one feels so calm and relax. 

We had Chinese for dinner at Golden Central Square before heading back to pack up for our 3 days 2 night road trip to Niagara Falls & Grove City, which was also one of the best part of our trip!

....Can't believe I'm turning 26 in an hour's time. What? How did time flies so quickly!

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