A walk in nature

It's been a crazy and hectic month of March. We had so much happenings within the family and though we are truly sad with our sudden loss, departing is part and parcel of life. All the good memories we share will always be a part of us and life goes on :)

Anyway, the cousins & I went on an impromptu morning hike at MacRitchie Reservoir two Sunday back! I haven't visited this popular park for more than 10 years and it was such a beauty. It feels good to get back to nature to breathe some fresh air and do some light workout, specially on a beautiful day. I enjoyed exploring the forest and trails alot! 

It was a breeze getting up to the HSBC Tree Top Walk.... but this was only just beginning! We had the option of going down which leads to the start or back to Zhenghua park. Since it was only a difference of 1 km+, we chose the latter of course and it was not that NEARRRRR. By the time we reached bpp after a 14km walk, it was noon and our legs were sore. But it was all worth for the yummylicious pb toast set at Wangjiao, our reward for the day! I would definitely love to do this trail once more!

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