Hello February

Hello 1st of February! All excited about the new month that rolled in because it's one of my favourite time of the year :) I anticipate CNY each year not only because I love our streets in bright red hues but I also look forward to the yearly tradition of Reunion dinner (steamboat!), excited chatter and laughter with families and friends & feasting on special dishes.
Other than that, I have more to be eager about! In less than 80 days, I'll be flying to Canada with my mom for a 3 weeks vacation :D It has got to be our first mother-daughter vacation and this trip couldn't be more timely. 

Canada has always been on our wishlist. It's finally coming true and we could not be more stoked! Anyway, we're heading to Ontario and will be staying at my aunt's place. Other than playing tourist at some of the places of interest, we should also be making weekends road trip or tour to the states for outlet stores shopping, visit to farmer's market, etc! 
We will of course be visiting the magnificent and spectacular Niagara falls & probably doing a 1 night stay as well!
Since we're already there, I wouldn't want to pass up a chance to visit New York City, Washington, etc. I'm already dreaming of the Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street, Manhattan Skyline, etc.. so in love at the sight of this <3

photo credits: top/bottom

Any other more suggestions of what we can/should do or visit there? ;)

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