Dinner x Quinoa Fried Rice

I bought a packet of Quinoa ("keen-wah") sometime back, failed at my first attempt and chugged it aside for a long while. It wasn't until last week I had to make my own dinner and it was the quickest carb I can find & cook. I decided to give it another try! Remember to rinse the Quinoa to remove the bitter taste before boiling in pot :)
I took abit of everything colorful I can find in the fridge - long beans, carrot, corn, red bell pepper, black fugus & chicken/fish slices for my 'Fried Rice'. By the time I was done chopping, my Quinoa was ready and fluffy. I drained the super food and stir-fry everything on the plate before throwing in the Quinoa last. 
This was definitely a successful attempt! Not only it takes me less than 30 minutes, it's delicious, filled with many nutritious benefits and easy to cook. I was eating happily away.
Hope to master this and come up with more varieties when I have the time. hehe :)
Hope you had a great Friday!

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