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'Before or After work class?'

If 9 months ago you ask me to wake up at 530am for a 7am workout, I'd probably stare right into you, tell you I am not that insane and my bed is more important than anything else.

9 months later today, let me take back my words! cause I can't tell you how much I would love to incorporate one or two morning classes a week before my work because every bit of class re-energizes my body and freshen up my mind for the day.

JUST LIKE... the happiest place on earth :)


I began this morning ritual while I was doing my 30 days hot yoga journey. I still remembered how excited I was for the first class! I do feel lethargic at times for subsequent classes and wanted more sleep but would pulled myself up eventually. Morning classes always makes me feels centered and relaxed, getting me ready for a chirpy, productive, healthy day ahead.

After work classes are great too because it takes away stress and strain from the body and mind. What I liked most about is the feelin' of being free after a sweatout and hot bathe, getting all ready for a sweet good night sleep.

BUT. for people like us who holds a day job, there are just times where... what you want to do after a long day of work in front of the computer screen is to go home and rest, or have a good dinner with your family. I remembered not going home for dinner for the first two weeks of my journey. Not only I spent more money dining out, I also feel bad for staying out late and long everyday. 

So I always ensure a balance of morning and evening classes and here's what I do to prepare before my morning classes: 

I always make a point to check out the schedule and scan through the teachers planned for class.Because waking up at 535am can be every bit agonizing, I'll choose a class that I feel like doing and the teacher I want to practice with. These little factors could make a huge difference. An energetic teacher who starts your day, makes your day! 

"Sleep early, sleep early"! This is what I have been reminding myself for so many times. Sleep is very important for my long day ahead and lack of sleep leads to so many other bad factors. Trying to tuck myself earlier to bed before morning class is something I'm still tackling with. While I do try my best to get 7 hours of eye shut, there are always times I ended up not. But I would tell you sleep is key to body restoration and we should never forgo any bit.

3. Pack everything the night before 
I packed my work outfit, bag and workout clothes before I sleep! Every morning, all I take is only 15 minutes to get ready. Brush teeth, get some light breakfast, spread my PB bread for post workout, get changed and leave the house :) if I don't prepare the night before, I'd probably be late already and I dislike being late for class!
There was once this week I left the house, tapped into the train and realised I left something out, I ended up returning home and had to miss the class, what a bum.

Do you prefer a morning or evening class?

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