I Quit added sugar challenge - 18th November to 1st December

I realized there ain't much health nutrition related blogs in Singapore and I happened to chance upon Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar few days ago.

After browsing through her website for a long while, I was pretty loss for words at the amount of sugar we're taking in daily - be it added, converted or natural. Even though I don't drink coke or put sugar in my coffee, maybe just a few mouthful of chocolates here and there with some fruits and honey, a conservative day would actually see me consume about 30 teaspoon of sugars!! & that's horrifying!

Inspired by Sarah's 8 weeks IQS program, starting tomorrow to 1st December, I've decided to take a challenge and do a 2 weeks (instead of 8 weeks, for a start) no added sugar challenge. I believe it'll be a great start to reduce my consumption of sugar and also for the better of my health. 

I'll also try to get back to meal prep for work lunch at least twice this week. Talking about it, I'm craving for some cold cha soba!!! I'm a jap food addict hehe. And also aim to get 7 hours rest a day.

I'm not sure there'd be a lapse because I'm a (convert) sugar addict! :/ I know two weeks wouldn't be that tough. Furthermore, I'll be allowing myself 2 servings of fruits a day (the program doesn't allow!) so I guess it wouldn't be that bad. 

Check her website out if you're interested ;)

/morning before 7am class face in my first lululemon energy top!

New "no added sugar" week, here we go! 

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