Brunch x Strangers' Reunion

The last time I visited strangers' was last year when they were still new and small. Finally made a trip down again with my dear friends, this time to their expanded space & menu. It was pretty crowded and we had to wait for a good 15-20 minutes before we got our table.
I used to do weekly brunch when I was schooling & have much lesser privileges now after working. So glad to spend a full Saturday eating, catching up, and shopping, especially after my morning yoga class with Leah Kim!! :)

Scrambled eggs on olive bread & sauteed mushrooms and Iced Soy Latte for me!

J ended work late so it was brunch between the 3 of us before he came to find us
Not a fan of fries. I can't taste the difference between the normal & truffle fries anywayyyy!

Strangers' Reunion
Kampong Bahru Road

Am off to nurse my aching legs from my first 21km Great Eastern Run this morning :(
Have a great week ahead xx

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