Do good, feel good

ooohh, finally weekends again!

In a blink of an eye, I'm left with 4 classes out of my 30 days journey. So fast?!?! To be honest, I kinda lost track on my journey records in my little notebook because I've been so caught up with work lately. Just in summary, I try to attempt 7am class once a week on weekdays and usually do the rest after work. I take break on alternate days if I'm tired and double up on weekends.

Class 22 (Tuesday)
7AM Hot Hatha - R

Class 23 (Wednesday)
630PM Hot Flow - R

Class 24 (Friday)
- 7AM Hot Hatha - R

Class 25&26 (Saturday)
- 930AM Hot Flow - O
- 11AM YIN - O

Between class 15 and 22, just passing the halfway mark, my body began to show signs of fatigue and soreness + laziness. In some way, I also felt my practice seems to be a little stagnant, and I don't attempt to go deeper in the pose. It could be due to the sudden high demand of practices. So this week, I planned my schedule well and took rest on Monday & Thursday. It's important to take time to honor signals of your body and try to get plenty of rest, H20, sleep and nourishment.

To be honest, I prefer the Orchard studio to Raffles but because Raffles is nearer to my office, I usually do there during the weekdays. Anyway, this week is the last week of my challenge and the themeeee is.. Triumph :) Perfect because it's a hit on and I'm so proud to have completed the past 26 classes and another 4 would be nothing. I felt like I'm going to miss the journey so much already haha.

Life in mini boxes lately:

1. With my colleagues at our company event at butter factory last Friday.
2. Lunch at Toss & Turn with my dearest new yogi friend, Priscilla after our practice. Such a babe :)
3. Dinner catch-up with Sammi & Jack, 2 person I'm so glad to have met in my life. And of cause their baby Kagennnnnnnnnn!
4. Lovely cakes at Lady M - perfect sweet treat to end on a Friday.

I'm so unprepared for my 10km SHAPE run tomorrow!!!! I haven't been running for a long time. Praying for good weather tomorrow morning.

I'm baking some granola from scratch. Gonna check it out now xx

Have a lovely weekends! :)

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