Shape Yoga by the Sea x Tara Stiles

Last Sunday A.M, we got lucky and had the opportunity to have a session of yoga by East Coast Park in Singapore with Tara Stiles from Strala, New York all thanks to Reebok and Shape! (:

Tara is special. I chanced onto her yoga videos 2 years ago through LiveStrongWoman and got hooked with her practices ever since. I started following her and Strala on social medias and felt that she's such a different and amazing guide & Strala students are lucky to have her! Doing yoga with her is all about moving with ease, being carefree and connecting you to who you are. Off youtube, I've always wondered how is it like to do a Strala class with her.

Our 45 minutes with her speaks everything about this yoga rebel :) She was definitely fun and hyper, I simply enjoy her lead. The way she guided put me and my friends on all smiles. It was all easy transition moving from pose to pose with grace and power. We even got so high playing & helped each other with handstands during the free play time, something which I've never dared to try. In just a short session, I'm beginning to understand what the "Make your own rules/yoga" philosophy was all about.

"Feeling goals lead to a strong, open, capable body, mind, and life."

Now that I know what all Strala is about after meeting the humble & outgoing lady and her husband. I'm even more determined and excited to take my little dream further - and that's to attend a Strong class in Strala or even intensive/tt training 19 hours away if I have the chance. I also hope to attend a class led by Heidi Kristoffer whom seems like a really lovely person, upside down girl I know :D

Thank you Tara for the amazing experience & the big hug, it was really heart-warming! (:

Check her Yoga videos here and her Complete Guide to Yoga in MindGreenBody!

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