Sunday x Nylon Coffee Roasters

The number of brunch cafe & coffee chain continues to grow in Singapore. After our brunch at The Plain on Sunday, Jack suggested to bring me to Nylon Coffee Roasters for a mid-day cup. Located under a what seems like deserted heartland residential building at Everton Park, with only about 3-4 seats, not much standing space and limited items on the menu, I wondered who would make their way down specially.

I looked interestingly at the lady who was making our cups with lots of passion and when I took my first sip, I'm truly surprised by the quality of the coffee. Very good. No wonder my boyf speaks so much about it and loves their roasted beans so much.

If you're a coffee lover, you should take some time out and make your way there! :)

Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park
#01-40 Singapore

 So just a little update on my 30 days challenge. I'm half way through the journey today :D gosh, I wondered how I made it through the past 15 days.

Class 12 & 13 (Saturday)
- 11AM Yin - O
- 1230PM Hot Hatha - O

Class 14 (Sunday)
- 11AM Hot Hom - O

Class 15 (Tuesday)
- 1030AM Hot Hom - O

1. Saturday's Yin was all about exercising the tissues of our body, where we stretch connective tissues by holding in yin poses for a long time. I reckon it would be great to take a break from hot classes and enjoy some stretching. But boy, I was wrong.. the class was so much more challenging as compared to the very first time I took about a month ago. It wasn't easy holding in extended poses and I was kinda struggling!! My muscles were all tight from the sudden intensive classes and I was nothing but so glad when the class ended lol.

2. It won't always feel good. yeah, this is the first time I'm feelin' this after 14 classes today. I was pretty tired in class (even though I was well-rested) and felt lazy to move. Wanted to do 2 classes since it was PH but decided not. Always listen to the body. Treated myself to Sumo Salad & fruit juice after which. It's important to keep my energy level and body high up with good, nutritious food :)

So good not to be working on a weekday :) Happy mid-week in abit!

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