Day 8/30: Sore

Class 4 & 5 (Saturday)
- 4PM Hot Ashtangah
- 5PM Hot Hatha

Class 6 & 7 (Sunday)
- 2PM Vinyasa  (75m)
- 330PM Hot Hatha (90m)

Class 8 (Tuesday)
- 7AM Hot Hatha

I doubled up my practice over the weekends and took 2 classes each day. Ran late for Saturday first class and was so annoyed with myself (for being late), with the bus (for moving so slowly), with the cars (for causing jam) and I had to miss the 230pm class. But my spare hour gave me an excuse to get myself a smoothie king to cool myself down, then I thought 'hey why so mad :)' Anyway, it was my first Hot Ashtangah with Hom and I pretty much enjoyed it! We get to play around with more challenging poses like headstands during class, which I literally flipped into wheel pose because I couldn't balance on head and forearms. thump. haha I was a little embarrassed though but Anton turned and signalled it's ok.

Sunday was intensive because in all, I did 2 hours 45 minutes of yoga in a day. That could have been the most I've ever done in my entire life and my arms were sore from all the Chaturangah flow & I couldn't sleep on my sides that night haha. But I was happy because I managed to do my first forearm stand (with the help of mirror wall of course!) I still remembered the very first time I was challenged to do this, I thought it was crazy! I am loving Ashtangah and Vinyasa and that'd probably be my weekends classes ;)

Monday was rest and this morning was Hatha with June. I've been doing lots of Hatha because the classes always seems to best fit my work and schedule timing. In Hatha, I hope to master my standing head to toe posture, which I never dare to keep my head to knee because of fear of falling :/

Ok, I've been up since 540am. Need a rest now and Day 9 tomorrow! :)

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