Day 9, 10, 11 - Reconnecting

Class 9 (Wednesday)
- 630PM Hot Hom - R

Class 10 & 11 (Friday)
- 430PM Hot Ashtangah - O
- 530PM Hot Flow - O

I'm one-third through the journey! :) Amazing how time flies and I'm lovin every single bit of this. I'm exactly on track and we're done with Week 1.

Week 1's journey theme was Presence. Finding presence is at the heart of all yogic practices and essential for living a happy, fulfilled and enjoyable life. In these 10 days, I've came to learn to find ease and reconnecting with my body. I am pretty flexible by nature so it wasn't hard for me to get myself into stretching poses but anything else, like balancing, arm strength poses still requires so much more practices. With my recent regular practice and right breathing control, I found that my body gets into poses more intuitively itself without being forced. Example, I couldn't even used to hold a crow pose for more than 1 seconds when I first attemped 1 month ago, but now I can even hold up to 10 or more seconds :)

Anyway, I had to cancel my class soooooooooooo last minute yesterday evening because I was called back for a meeting. Thankfully we had family day today and get to leave at 4pm :) Hot Flow with Lily was crazily tiring, so much vinyasa but I was stoked to get to learn challenging poses from her. We played around with crow and headstand variations and I've so much to improved on. always a wip.

More flow to come!

So it's Day 12 and 13 tomorrow & meeting the busyboy finally!! :)

Till then, have a great weekend!

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