What are you truly grateful for?

One of the most commonly asked questions, I realised, by many people who knew I'm doing a 30 days hot yoga journey was, "Oh, what do you get after you have completed it?"

When the very first person asked, my response was, "haha, nothing, a 20% off their next package".

Then another guy came along and asked the same. I thought about it for a while and replied, "Oh I'll get a 20% off their next package. But it's not about the discount, it's more about personal achievement and self satisfaction laaa".

Some 3rd and 4th person enquired the same but each time, my response seems to be different.

This little episode frankly got me thinking. It seems like it's natural for all beings to want something in return for whatever they have contributed. For everything you give, it's always in hope to achieve something. Then, are we sub-consciously quite self-centered because in everything we do, we are harboring returns rather than unselfish giving? All kind of level of giving is good, but when we give with expectation of receiving something back in return, we are not actually letting go of what we are giving.

I'm learning something with Yoga everyday. One especially inspiring quote I learned from Cindy from Strala - "Pushing is never a good way to approach anything - everything will come in time when we are ready, in yoga or life." This is very true and I'll keep this reminder at work.

raffles at 8am
Class 1 and 2: (Tues/Wed)
- 7PM Hot Hatha
- 6PM Hot Hatha

Class 3: (Fri)
- 7AM Hot Hatha

The first two days were probably the most exciting with me all filled with energy and ready to kickstart the journey. Class was all fun except I need to work on my balancing poses. I have an over-reliance relationship with the mirror, ready to fall when I can't see myself.

Decided to do a 7am class this morning since I am meeting Jack for dinner. I was extremely surprised to see the class almost full and there were so many people on the mat before the sun was fully up. The morning class was extremely body opening and mood lifting because I felt very energized and happy the rest of day at work + I was eligible for free MRT ride ;) hahaha I can't wait to do more morning classes next week.

Catching up with 2 hot classes tomorrow since I had to give a miss on Thursday & a shabu steamboat to end the night!

 Sweet treats for the sweet, have a great week ya'all :)

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