October x 30 days challenge

I haven't been feeling great and well the past days. Caught some bad flu bugs and lost my voice. Took almost a week off from my studio practices, am just glad I'm finally recovering!

September is coming to an end in another 2 days. With the last quarter of the year to go, I felt inspired to set a new challenge for myself. So, this October, I've decided to sign up for a 30 days challenge, something which I have been contemplating about for quite sometime & that is doing a..

30 days hot yoga journey

Whatttttttt? Yeahhh, #yogaeverydamnday. I was initially apprehensive about the physical and mental challenges I may faced. Working 9-6 meant I have to get myself to studio after work almost everyday or even before if I have important stuffs on. On top of that, with the rising peak at work... that will kinda leave me with really little weekdays rest time. I would really love to try this out and since I'm not sure when would be the next journey, I told myself there will be no hard forces :) if I can't complete this journey, 25 out of 30 days is already some accomplishment. and after all, it's all about moving with ease and comfort in yourself right?

Not only I'm excited bout this, I'd also like to see how transformative can 30 days be :) With that, here's what I'm hoping to achieve:

1. Practice better - I hope to bring my yoga practices to a higher level - to pick up more tips and posturing cues. Get greater focus, get better.

2. Practice commitment - "It doesn't matter what you decide to do tomorrow as you go to sleep in your comfortable bed - what matters is what you do when the alarm clock goes off in the morning" ~ Max Storm. We are creatures of habits. Breaking old and creating new habits is by no means easy feat. How many a times we aimed to do something but ended up not because of road blocks in life. People procrastinate in nature and I am of course one of them. Thinking of getting to studio daily is easy, but this requires lots of self-discipline... we'll see when the time comes :)

3. Practice fun - yoga is all about fun time too! I love stepping into my mat. Sometimes, it's just not about getting into asana but enjoying the process. It's a great place to destress, loosen up and relax yourself. It also helps one to be calmer and positive.

I'll try to post updates on my 30 days yoga challenge and a little on how I feel. Hehe so with that, I'm looking forward to an awesome new month :)


  1. Love your blog Jayner. Very inspiring and you can do this for the challenge!! :)

    1. thanks yingtian, you're an inspiration to me too!! can't wait for our lulu items to arrive :)