First class with HomYoga

Over the weekends, I got myself the prettiest pair & expensive HipWidth yoga apparels from HomYoga! I've been contemplating for a while because of the hefty price but there were no regrets after I tried it on. The material's so so good and cutting is great.

I wore it on my first 2 trial classes and the short was so comfortable for both heated (hot hatha) and non-heated (yin) practices. 

Since I was free and have been wanting to try yoga at Hom, I decided to register for two classes at Orchard, both by Daphne. I like how helpful and gentle she was-helping me to go deeper and also correcting my posture. The yin is a non heated class which really helps to stretch every single muscles in the body. We had to hold long in poses and in some, I almost died. By the time I finished hot hatha, I was shakey from the stretching. I left the place a happy yogi satisfied with my Saturday :)

Made myself a hearty sandwich above, which was perfect for before my classes, here's what you need simply:

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 slices of bread
  • pepper

Slice the avocado and tomato. Slap it in between the bread, sprinkle some pepper and ready to eat. 

Till I try the hot hom & hot flow series :)

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