✈ 4d3n @ HCMC, Vietnam

a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about."
Jack & I found some great deals on Jetstar 3 weeks before we flew. $0 return flight ticket from Vietnam can you imagineeeeeeeeeee???? :) So we booked an impromptu trip and spent the last weekends of August roaming about this foreign city.
Vietnam was nothing like Singapore. The road's messy, the architectures are old.
We reached our hotel at 1030am and managed to get a early check-in!
Famished by 1130am, we walked around our area in search for food and happened to chance upon one of our itinerary recommended food hunt. Two things that came right to my mind was Coconut Drink & Pho! We also ordered two spring rolls - a chicken and another pork skin but the latter was really not to our liking :/

Nha Hang Ngon
160 Pasteur, District 1, HCMC

At the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. The group of Japanese that helped us took a picture insist we wear the Vietnamese cap haha
Central Post Office
While walking back for a nap, we chanced by another cafe we wanted to go. Decided that we needed coffee, we went in to have a drink & tart. Cafe L'usine is in my opinion the best and most beautiful cafe around Vietnam. We both like the ambiance of the place, the coffee and lemon tart! :) We also went back on the 3rd night for dinner.

Cafe L'usine 
151/1 Dong Khoi St., 1st Flr., Dist. 1

Baguette at Paris Deli for dinner which was unplanned. After we woke up from our nap, it started pouring heavily at night! We had no choice but to stop by Saigon Center. Not too bad though :)

Daily buffet breakfast spread for the next 3 days. I love PB & breads! but somehow, the PB tastes differently.
We took a 1-day tour with an agency to Cuchi Tunnel and Cao Dai Temple. The bulk of the time was spent travelling, our bus ride to the temple took about 3 hours!
Clear blue skies & temple
We had one of the best home-cooked styled food at a random shop along the highway by the tour guide. Love the sour spicy soup!
Cu chi tunnel and I was dead tired at the end of day
We ended the night with a zi-char style dinner at Ben Thanh Market. There were so much we felt like ordering but we could only have 3 dishes for 2 max! I loveeeeeeeeeee the bbq fish! If you're thinking of dropping by, go after 7pm when they set the stall up :)

Day 3 of the trip can be found here.

4d3n is just perfect for a short trip there :)

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