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 I'mmaaa back from Vietnam!

My trip to Ho Chi Minh City was definitely an eye opener... I'm happy to be living in Singapore :) No, don't get me wrong, I like being in that city but I just felt that we've so so so much more here and I'm truly and ever grateful for that. 

I miss my SG practices after spending the weekends away and decided to book my first non-heated yin-yang class with Renu at Anahata after work today. It was just a small class with 7 people and I like how Renu speaks with clarity. There's always a war between my mind and poses during my practices. I realised I have difficulties alot of times trying to maintain my poses and to follow what the teacher is saying (i.e. inhale and you do this, exhale and you do that) but with small classes, it's only exception that the teacher gets more opportunities to correct your postures and we have fun!

Yin Yang class is a perfect blend of deep stretches, also known as Yin Poses, and Yang poses (muscular strengthening), practiced in a non-heated room. My first thought was "cool, will be a breeze for me" but boy, I was wrong. I left the class with achy thighs from the really deep and long (we hold up to 2 minutes!) stretches as compared to my regular hot classes despite not sweating at all (cooling rainy day perhaps

I still prefer hot classes but I had a rather interesting takeaway from today's class. I guess it's good to go back to basics and beginner class once in a while since it requires additional level of explanation that all levels of teaching can benefits from :)

Probably try Power and Hot Vinyasa someday!

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