Moments of 2013

It's less than 24 hours to the closure of 2013. There's something magical about this time of the year, not only it's a season of joy and giving, it's the season of self-reflecting too. Over the years each December, I love to review my archive and read on the happenings for the past year (from 2012 & 2011). Nostalgic feeling~ 2013 is different as it marked the year I stepped into full time workforce and that said, no longer enjoying all student luxuries I used to have. As much as I missed the carefree school days, work however is great on the other hand because I get & contribute income. What's more important is that I'm definitely taught the value of hard earned money :'(

January, February - Jack & I took on our first flight to Hong Kong. I think both of us really liked HK! I missed strolling around the chilly weather, with an icy cold cup of mango smoothie, having HK breakfast early in the morning, dim sum for tea & shopping there :)

We had our first visit to Disneyland too :) thankful for the weather, we didn't sweat a single bit!

In March, I spent the entire month catching up with friends - from poly, uni , primary school :) Epicurus agreed "Of all the things that wisdom provides for living one's entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship" :) I haven't meet some of them quite some time and so glad I did!

April, May - See me and the other half getting one step nearer to our future as we went down to HDB to pay our 5% payment. If nothing goes wrong, we should be getting our keys late 2016/ early 2017, that is about another 3.5 years. *keeping my fingers cross*

May was of course another joyous month of many catch-up with friends for birthday celebrations. Come next year, I'll be hitting my mid-twenties :<

June - I had our first company retreat to Bangkok :) It was definitely a great short break for all of us and even though we were hell tired from residential planning, I'm sure we (the comm members) took away quite abit and I surely enjoyed all the fun and laughter with my colleagues. Looking forward to the residential 2014!

July - I had my commencement after a long awaited 7 months since December'12. So proud to be part of the graduating class of 2013 :) nobody said it was easy, I can't be more than thankful to the bunch of people I've met in SMU. We all tided through the difficult but fun times in SIS, the endless projects & sleepless nights :')

I've also gained many opportunities & experience - overseas community service project to China (where I witness snow for the first time), Technology Study Mission to India (probably a country I'd never venture to w/o SMU) and 8 weeks summer exchange in Korea (my longest time away from home).

Of course with all these trips, it also meant I spent all my years of poly/uni working part time over the weekends. I am lucky to meet the most wonderful and understanding bosses whom I regret I have to leave them for somewhere better. we still stay in touch :) this job helped me through all my overseas trips, shopping loot, expenses, Starbucks and brunches hahaha, which most of these I find it ridiculously priced now lol!
Aug, Sep - I took a break from blogging. In that two months, I was figuring what I wanted to blog about and also wanted a change of name, which was why there's hellosoulmat today :)

In late aug-sep, Jack & I made an impromptu trip to Vietnam :)

4 days getaway from our bustle of cities and work was indeed a good recharge :)

October - Definitely a memorable month as I took on a 30 days hot yoga journey! :) It was a kind of life changing experience. After taking on this challenge, I've learnt more about myself and happy to make more friends too. I enjoy being in and around the almost one of the happiest and expansive place! You can read more about my journey here

November - I took on my first 21.1km with GE & clocked a decent 2 hours 30 minutes. Whooo! TBH, I haven't been running for a long while and was skeptical if I could make it. The weather was thankfully great albeit the drizzle and I'm happy to own a 21.1km finisher tee!

December - Random staycation in Carlton :) This month also marks my first year old onto my job!

As each year and day past, I'm thankful for all I have - my family, my another half, my friends, health, job and honestly, these suffice. 2013 was an incredible year for me and I hope 2014 will be too. I have plans but....but there are also so much to consider. & I have to be practical about it, practice about this life we're living in Singapore.

Oh well, till 2014444 :)

I hope you had a Merry Xmas and a happy blessed new year!

*p/s: all my pictures are in B&W but idk why blogger turned some of them to sepia

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