Xmas's Calling x Loysel's Toy

On some lucky Saturday(s), Jack & I get to spend our afternoon chilling around random cafes, have a nice cup of coffee with desserts & catch up with our lives. It's crazy how time flies & am amazed by the many phases we been through our life - from poly, ns, university to work. A good 7+ years spent :)

I've been wanting to visit Loysel's Toy for a long time and we finally made our way there last weekend during our staycation. Not very hard to find the place by foot from Lavender station but it's in a pretty hidden area. We got there late afternoon so there wasn't much crowd. Great to sit in there on a hot sunny afternoon with my iced cold brew with milk & lemon tart. I love tarts, I love crusts.Yumz!

Loysel's Toy
66 Kampung Bugis
#01-01 TURE

It's Monday again, till the next weekends x

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