Take care of your nervous system and the rest of your body will function at its optimal level

Carrying my Lululemon carrier with me has been quite a norm in the late recent, at least 3-4 days out of a week.

It's been about three months since I practice yoga regularly (I take about 24 classes or so a month) and I have seen so much improvement in myself. In yoga, I learn everyday, not only on the mat but I also carry my takeaway with me everywhere - to work, to home, to self and more importantly, to people I love.

What give me energy? Maybe it's just yoga :) and maybe for what's worth, myself but here's why it keeps me going:

1. Increase strength
I started out not being able to do Chaturanga. I couldn't hold long in Downward dog. I dislike Warrior II. I fear of Headstand. I could barely lift my legs up forearm stand. I have strengthless arms to take me through crow pose

People often think that you have to be flexible to do yoga but I can tell you it doesn’t works this way! Yoga requires alot of strength, strength that comes from your inner self. Like many others, these are some of the many challenges I faced when I started yoga. It's only through constant classes and guidance that I find myself being stronger. I can do Chaturanga now, I overcome my fear of doing headstand in the middle of the room, and I can lift my legs back in forearm stand. It’s day by day practice and allowing myself to move with ease that I’m improving.

2. Connection
Karent Fabian -'As one develops an awareness of how the body feels in each pose, one has a better chance at starting to make positive changes to improve different aspects of their lifestyle that are negatively impacting their health'. I'm slowly finding the connection and an improvement relationship with my body. The importance of a good lifestyle and healthy diet affects my performance and movement on the mat. I see the need to take care of my body and fuel it with the right food, I'd prefer a cup of unsweetened drink or sweet treats from natural fruits anytime over sweet desserts I used to crave for every single day. Of course I still indulge in sweet treats once in a while but it’s amazing how exercise and yoga transforms me, it helps me glow :)

 left: current & right: the old me who craves for chocolate/ice cream/bbt every single day

3. Improve flexibility
“No, I can't touch my toes!”, “my bones will break”, this is what I often hear from people. It’s untrue. Not all yogis are born flexible. I can’t do dancer pose very well but through regular practices, I can feel it slowly shaping into my body. Sometimes, it may take months or it may take years, but what you know is you’ll can get there. Be patient and open ourselves to the big possibilities of entire yoga tree.

4. Focus and bringing to life 
Yoga taught me the ability to focus and that also, I'm carrying it to my daily life. I learn to stay present at the office, I learnt to sit through discomfort of people and also letting go of ego. How we react on mat is how we react in reality - practice mindfully on mat, practice mindful communication with people. It's a journey of support and a magic of life. You will start to get conscious of your posture, breathing, alignment anywhere. You become aware of yourselves and body.

5. You have got time!
Before this, I'd never thought I could have so much time commitment to it. Like spending 5 hours of my morning in the studio on a Saturday, or waking up earlier. I guess with passion plus doing classes with like-minded people, it's just pure fun. Everyone has got the pleasure to take time out :)

Yoga works for everyone and it's the way I live my life now. It helps me find myself. The more relax you are, the healthier you will be :)

Stay grounded. Breathe 

What a cosy Sunday as I'm writing this :)


  1. Hi! Chanced upon ur blog,and your yoga journey is very inspiring! :) yoga is such an expensive hobby, i would love to go a studio that offers unlimited classes so that I'm not bounded by classes and start worrying when my class card is finishing, do you have any recommendations? Are you on an unlimited pkg with Hom? It seems really pricey! Cant wait to start on yoga regularly too! Thanks! :)

    1. hello! thanks for popping by :)

      Yeap, I'm on an unlimited package with Hom. I do agree that their prices are slightly steep but I got a 20% discount after I completed my 30 days hot journey with them! Hehe. Most studios provides unlimited too, like Sadhana, True, Pure, etc. I only started practicing so regularly after I joined Hom, before this I was on class pack too. I guess it's important to find a studio you like best so you'll be motivated to do regularly! :) Hom has an unlimited 1 week trial for new joiners and you give it a try!

      Hope this helps! :)