Our love shines on and on

Time flies, we're in the thick of December. Jack & I celebrated our 8th Christmas together. We decided to do dinner last weekends at Marmalade In The City. It was the perfect choice, and I was really satisfied with the food :) My oriental grilled salmon with soba was every bit well-cooked & simply my kind of food. J's marmalade club sandwich on the other hand was also very flavorful, which I had many mouthfuls of haha! Even though I think the club sandwich could be easily remade by myself, it was still worth the order. Our dessert choice of seasalt caramel cheesecake was average though. I'd definitely love to try next the carrot or fudge cake but with more to share because it looks extremely hugeee!!

Anyway, the highlight of the dinner was our surprise gift exchange. Both of us dropped no hints of getting a gift prior to the dinner & I really wanted to get him something on this special day. I ended up receiving a timeless piece of genuine leather clutch (my most expensive one too...) which I think it may be handy this new year! This gift definitely wasn't on my guessing list and I love it! Thank you my Santa <3

This is a season of giving & receiving, simply a month filled with love & gratitude. 8 more days to go this year, let's enjoy the ride :)

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