Twenty Fourteen -

hey guys, happy new year! :)

I hope 2014 has been splendid thus far, at least it was for me! How not to love short working week, especially when it's 2 consecutive weeks. I hope we don't have a hard time re-adjusting back to normal working days....

and fess up, I've been dipping into quite a bit of chocolate treats lately :| am sure you too! Well, December is notorious for giving us an excuse to snack on. All the delicious looking pastries/cakes, how can we resisttttttttt. But I guess it's OK to indulge once in awhile!
(L): Desserts at Paul's with J & his family over the last weekends of 2013. 
(R): Tried Aussie Roll over lunch. It was good but a little tad expensive. 2 rolls cost me $5.40. gonna try making someday!
(L): Home-cooked lunch of Pan-grilled salmon,  favourite broccoli and egg
(R): new year dinner at Nikon Mura. sushi anytime!

Not featuring of course are some other sweet treats like ice-cream and cakes. Now that December is over, it's time to leave it behind to where it belongs :)

Come new year, I always attempt to make grand resolutions - to lose weight, to run 3 times a week, to save xxx amount, to sleep early. I've come to realise these are pretty much 'rules' and doesn't seems to work.

This year, I've decided to be keep it simple.

Just 'Do more of what makes you happy'

There are plenty of things that can make one easily happy. Happiness can be pretty simple, it doesn't have to be fanciful or expensive. As long as my loved ones are happy, my body feels good, I love what I am doing and of course continuing practicing, practice tapping into myself :)

If you're also interested, I thought this article from MindBodyGreen is pretty much a great wellness reminder to keep out for the year. Self-love. Yes, that is :)

So, Chinese new year is coming in about 4 weeks time, some families and friends gathering & more yoga sounds like a pretty good way to start January! Not forgetting I already have two traveling plans in place for the year, now I can't wait for 2014 to begin! 

Just remember to drink up & hydrate yourself.

Have a great weekends :>


  1. Hi dear, may I ask what juicer are you currently using?

  2. Hi dear!

    The one i am using is toyomi! :)