Nature never hurries, little by little she achieves her work.

I used to run quite oftenly at this park connector behind my place, but not for the last 5 months.

I confess. I kinda gave up running after I took on yoga. I find myself dragging my feet to the park just to get the adrenaline feel. Maybe it's always dark when I reach the park after work, or maybe I was just sick of it. I needed a break.

So Sunday evening, a random feel for lacing on my shoes came. Ooo, was I excited about my run? A little I think! Hahaa.

I wanted to do 6km. But boy, I overestimated myself!! My stamina has dropped so much, I ended slowing down and took a walk instead.

What slowing down taught me:

1. Appreciate your surrounding
The walk back to the starting point was pretty interesting because this time, I was so much aware of my surroundings. I took the moment and had a good look at the park - noticing the almost non-existent beautiful tiny flowers, seeing happy families kite-flying, little girl fell from her bicycle and was crying aloud for her mom's attention, whom I smiled at. And also the foreigners working hard on our trees (yes, on a Sunday), elderly collecting buckets of water from the canal, etc.

The beautiful skylines and people working out was what I missed in the past. I realized I'm in awe and love the sight of all these. These are definitely what I don't see in studio or city area usually.

2. Mindfulness
Running seems to be so much tougher for me that day. But I got more conscious towards sight, noise, the sensation of my own breath and posture. I kept making sure I inhale and exhale equally to catch my breath properly while keeping in mind not to slouch my shoulders and back, which is probably why I'm experiencing a very bad upper body ache right now! >.<

Being outdoor on a bright cloudy Sunday evening canters me & fills my soul with love and mindfulness :) I love fresh air!

3. Why hurry?
Ya, why hurry? TBH, I like to be quick most of the time. I eat very quickly, drink very quickly, bathe very quickly, etc. Most times, I also rushed to bathe after our savasana. I don't fancy waiting alot :/ I always think it's a waste of time. Do you?

Thinking back, if I could slow down and enjoy my mouthful of food or sip of water or just take a couple more minutes and enjoy my savasana instead of thinking of running to the bathroom, I could have possibly learn better to be present and mindful of things.

Also maybe when I do, I get to appreciate more.

Well, these are just some of my little Sunday thoughts

life's a ride, enjoy it! :)

A happy mid-week to you! x

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