✈ Canada x Day 3 to 6

Day 3 - Great Mountain Center, Niagara on-the-lake, Niagara Falls
Vineyard tour
Cenotaph and clock tower
Taylor's Bakery and Ice-cream
The Great Canadian Midway

Day 4 - Niagara Falls - Drive to Grove City, USA
Breakfast with a view
Niagara Falls

Day 5 - Premier Outlet Shopping Grove City, USA
Hello USA
Day 6 - Grove City, USA - Mississauga 
Dinner x The Perfect Kitchen
After flying insanely round the world for the past 1.5 months - from Canada, to States, to HK, to Bangkok, it feels so good just to be back at my own crib. Being rested, catching up on shows and savouring on my favourite bowl of home cooked green bean barley dessert. Every trip serves a different purpose and learning experience but ultimately, home is where the heart is :)

Day 3 - Thursday 16 April 2015
Finally had some time to sort out pictures from Day 3 to 6. After breakfast at home on Thursday morning, we were ready for our road trip and boy I was excited! Our drive to Niagara wasn't that far and we stopped by the Great Mountain Center, Pillitteri Estate Winery & Niagara on the lake in between. My favourite has gotta be the last because it's such a quaint, lovely town, with many old charming streets and buildings. It was freezing but I went ahead to enjoy a fresh ice-cream cone at Taylor's ice cream and a cuppa hot coffee.

We arrived Embassy Suite shortly in the evening and was welcomed by the most amazing and beautiful Niagara Fallsview from our room. Dinner was at Grand Buffet in the Fallsview Casino, followed by a windy walk around The Great Canadian Midway. We ended the night with some jackpot games. It was truly a privilege to be able to dine and tour around there, and we love it.

Day 4 - Friday 17 April 2015
After our breakfast buffet, we checked out and headed to the Falls. Being so close is the real thing, it is simply speculator and stunning!! No words can describe how powerful and magnificent the water flow is, I can't stop wow-ing. Just thrilled to be there :) We left Niagara in the noon and continue our drive up to USA. It was already 7ish night when we arrived Grove City.

Day 5 - Saturday 18 April 2015
Premier outlet shopping was our plan for the day. After breakfast, we started our spree from 10am.. all the way to 10pm. Everywhere simply has some kind of extraordinary sales and we seriously didn't had time for all. There were 100 over stores and we combed less than 20!?! Anyway, happy to score some great buys like Tommy Hilfiger's wear, Fossil, Adidas, Banana Republic, Gap, Kate Spade, etc at really great prices.

Day 6 - Sunday 19 April 2015
I barely had any energy to continue on Sunday. lol. It's pretty tiring to shop whilst you're don in winter wear. We had 3 hours for a few more stores and drove back to Cad just in time for dinner, at The Perfect Kitchen. I love their complimentary soup, beef slices and egg fried rice.. Everything's so good we even went back on our last day for their crab. Excellent Chinese restaurant :)

Next up would be our 3 days visit to Eastern Canada!
Time for bed and back to work tomorrow.

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