Oh hiiiiii, happy mid-week! :) Started this week running around with many meetings lined up & reports due, finally halfway there! Anyway, the last weekend was well-spent my fav girlfriend since the boyfriend was out of town :) we went crazy from 1 hour of hot vinyasa (visit to sadhana finally!) to 3 hours of shopping, and another 3.5 hours at Ikea. Boy were we drained at the end of day. The kind of body ache, ya' know??

We went window shopping at Pazzion. I've always love their collection of shoes (or C&K) but it's pretty pricey! Just saw this pair of new arrival on their Facebook and I'm pretty tempted to get it too. Maybe navy for flats, and maroon for heels? hehe. 

Shopping at Ikea (or shopping generally) is always therapeutic! After a Swedish dinner, we roamed around with our shopping cart for 4 hours. Needless to say, we didn't left empty handed :p Ikea always gives me the inspiration to make the most of out my room or simply declutter, which is one of my goals this year.

I'm quite a messy girl by default, and I like to fill my tiny room with lots of things. I'm simply drowning in all my possessions. hahaha. Anyway, my mission on Sunday after regular breakfast & groceries shopping with the family was to organise my room, starting from my desk!


This organising not only clears my room but instantly clear my mind and lift my mood! Felt so much better doing my work on a clean desk. Let's hope this lasts! So next part of my decluttering project would probably be my wardrobe... ermm, I'll leave that to the weekends! 

Just had dinner at Nara Thai & desserts at PB with Jack's family. Quite drained after a long day, gonna catch my zz monster before Thursday comes again. Ciaos!

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