Happy twenty fifteen 2015!

Hello, and happy Day 6 of 2015. First entry of the year and I'm actually excited to be typing in this space. Why? Because... I've finally gotten my hands on a MacBook Air!! Haha but right now, I'm still trying to figure and get used to the new interface and all. New year, new laptop. This is so light and thin, I love it :) Anyway, I had a great time and break from work the past 2 weeks. Xmas, New Year and the long weekends, what a great way to end the year off! 2014 has yet been another wonderful year, it's a lot about work now but I also make a point to take a break. The highlight of the year gotta be my delayed grad trip with the girls to Bangkok & 8 days in Taiwan with Jack! I can't wait for greater adventures with my mom this year.

So this week marks the start of a brand new week & year back at work. Not much time to work on list of resolutions but this 2015, I'd just like to keep in check the following:

1. Technology Step back - We are controlled by technology so much these days! Social medias (fb, instagram, twitter), whatsapp, online shopping, etc. Don't get me wrong. Social media helps to reconnect and educate one but face it, we're way too connected (or I am). I hope to focus more on real life instead. Disconnect, or do whatever floats my boat!

2. Declutter - I feel that too much clutter scattering around my room actually weighs one down. So I guess it's time to declutter my bedroom, throw the excess and keep everything in proper! Hopefully, it helps me to be more organised as well.

3. Read more -  Reminder to self - "Never stop learning". My bookworm mode is on lately :) I've finished 1 book so far, 'Sons of Fortune' by Jeffrey Archer. It was recommended by my dear colleague and it was great. Hopping to my 2nd for the year, and may I expand my selection of genres too lol

4. Cultivate Positivity - Some days, we'll be in terrible mood and be angry at ourselves or everyone else. Stay cool, remember each day is different, banish negativity in life. More importantly, do what feels right for you!

Have a wonderful twenty fifteen ahead! xo

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