TY's 25th x Stirling Highway

I didn't mean to put a delay on this post but anyway, we visited a newly opened cafe 2 Sunday(s) ago for my dearest gf's 25th birthday! :) 
Tea leaves - we're spoilt for choice! I ordered Provence which was fragrant with fruity smell! 

With the birthday girl! 
 Prawn Pesto Spaghetti, $16
with sauteed prawns tossed in a homemade basil spinach pesto
this was really good in my opinion!! :)
Mushroom Risotto , $16
drizzled with truffle oil
Carbonara , $15
with bacon chips topped with a poached egg in a cream based sauce
Our dessert tarts platter - mixed berries chocolate, seasalt caramel & passion fruit meringue tart. My fav's the first :)
 & TY's chocolate birthday cake baked by the owner herself! :)
sugar-coma for the night! happy birthday again beautiful <3

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