Thankful Sunday: Life's a gift

Sometime mid-march, I took a 10 days break away from the mat & studio. I don't why and it may sounds silly to say this, but I missed moving about, hanging in my downward dog, being a strong warrior or even lying in Savasana. There are just inspiring motivations to practice yoga regularly. I love how it helps to develop an attitude of attentive and kindness within us & rejuvenate our depleted vitality. The more I practiced, the more I noticed how it changed me (people), it's not just about burning calories or sweating but finding balance and supporting yourself.

Anyway, so glad I made it to class this Sunday am. The practice of heart, hip opening and inversions is truly a practice of gratitude to remind us to maintain & create a positive outlook of life. I always believe challenges in life teach us to be more capable beings in this world :)

"Gratitude unlock the fullness of life."

It's important to live a life you love & here are 3 little yet important reminders from MNB:

Stay active! Including fitness 3-4 days a week is not a difficult task. I can make time for it, so can you! If you're stuck in an exercise rut, mixed it up - a short 15 minutes run, 20 minutes walk or some Sun Salutation works! I guarantee you'll feel incredible.

Giving yourself the best makes everything better. *quoted from mnb
  • Nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods
  • Nourishing your soul by doing the things that you love
  • Nourishing your skin with organic, natural products
  • Nourishing your relationships with family & friends
definitely to eat better (my dark chocolate, almonds & apples!), more self-care, sleep earlier & more catch-ups

We're sometimes guilty in letting our comfort zone holding us back from new opportunities. Doubts and failure are often factors that hinder us to move forth. These days, I have so much meaningful conversations that makes me want to believe more. We can live the life we want to live in. Give support, and find what makes your heart sings.

Love for yourself is most important :)

Can't believe we're two days away from another new month. I'd probably share more of this in the next few posts!Have a lovely week ahead!

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